Is Curve Out of the Woods? Founder’s Massive OTC CRV Sale Says a Lot

The Curve protocol recently faced two significant challenges: a bug crisis and a CRV liquidity crisis. Journalist Wu Blockchain released a blog on whether the crisis is over.

The bug crisis originated from a vulnerability in certain versions of the Vyper language, which led to the failure of reentrancy protection and subsequent theft of funds from several liquidity pools. In response, the Curve team disabled deposit and staking functionalities for the affected pools, delisted them from the interface, and planned to create new, secure pools. This action effectively resolved the bug crisis, assuming no unknown bugs exist in the new Vyper version.

The hackers exploited a bug in a few versions of Vyper Compilers to drain funds from four pools on Curve Finance, including its largest. The exploit has raised concerns about the security of DeFi protocols and the broader crypto space.The hack resulted in the loss of millions of dollars from Curve Finance. 

Trading of Curve Finance’s token has been temporarily halted. However, the founder of Curve Finance, Michael Egorov, has floated a new liquidity pool on his stablecoin-focused decentralized exchange to address the FRAX debt situation and buy time to repay users. It’s worth noting that some of the funds were ethically stolen from the hacker by front-running their malicious transaction. Nevertheless, the hack has destabilized trading markets for Curve Finance and put $100 million worth of crypto at risk.

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On the other hand, the CRV liquidity crisis was primarily due to Curve founder Michael Egorov’s substantial collateralization of CRV for borrowing on Frax Finance and Aave lending platforms. Despite a brief drop in the on-chain price of CRV following the bug incident, the price has since stabilized around $0.5. Egorov managed to alleviate the crisis through OTC trading of CRV to repay debts, selling a total of 54.5 million CRV tokens and raising $21.8 million.

While Curve was not directly responsible for the crises, these events have underscored the need for lending platforms to implement robust mechanisms for user fund security isolation and efficient liquidation. This serves as a valuable lesson for the industry.

Key insights and questions from these events include:

  1. The bug crisis underlines the critical importance of secure coding practices and rigorous testing in blockchain and DeFi.
  2. Egorov’s actions during the CRV liquidity crisis highlight the influential role of founders in token economics and the potential risks associated with their decisions.
  3. The crises emphasize the need for lending platforms to enhance their risk management strategies and implement robust mechanisms for user fund security isolation and efficient liquidation.
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