Is Adidas Getting Into Crypto? This Meme Coin Could Rival Solana Meme Coins in 2024 

Adidas has conducted a strategic partnership with Crypto: The Game and has begun to jump into the crypto sphere. Here, they offered Adidas tracksuits for the completion of a special challenge. In addition, the company launched a total of 1,000 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) which represent Adidas sneakers on top of the Solana blockchain. These digital assets which are required for participation in STEPN’s reward-earning activities started at 10,000 GMT each, which equates to $2,400 at the current exchange rates. 

As a result, interest in NFT-related tokens, and meme coins has spiked significantly. On top of the list for many traders and investors are Bonk (BONK) and dogwifhat (WIF) which are based on top of the Solana blockchain.

However, KangaMoon (KANG) is an upcoming meme coin project which features NFTs and P2E elements that can rival both. To see which one can surge in 2024 and lead the meme coin market, we will go over their on-chart metrics.

Bonk (BONK) Grows 25.3% in the Past Week – Price to Reach $0.000033

Bonk (BONK) has experienced an explosive level of growth after rising by 2,902.4% year-to-date (YTD). This sparked a lot of optimism surrounding memecoins, and based on the weekly Bonk price chart, it’s up 25.3%, and has gone up from $0.00001362 to a maximum value at $0.00002173.

However, its growth has not halted, as the Bonk crypto could soon experience an even more exponential level of growth if it manages to retain this bullish attention, as its RSI and MACD data are both positive. Based on the Bonk price prediction this meme coin can reach $0.000033 by the end of Q4, 2024. 

Dogwifhat (WIF) Surges 28.8% – Can It Move Above $5 Next?

Dogwifhat (WIF) is another meme coin that has showcased bullish momentum on the charts. Based on the latest on-chart data, the dogwifhat price has gone up 28.8% within the past month. Moreover, just  within the past week, the overall price performance of the dogwifhat crypto resulted in a climb for this memecoin from $2.30 to $3.15. 

Sentiment is now bullish on its future as many are projecting significant gains for the crypto, but according to the dogwifhat price prediction, it can reach a maximum value of $5.26 by the end of Q4, 2024, which positions it as a dominant meme coin,

KangaMoon (KANG) to Spike 100x Fueled by Major Token Utility

During the overall bullish market momentum, Bonk and dogwifhat surged, but the KangaMoon (KANG) meme coin could soon pass them as it is also showcasing a major bullish momentum. During the start of the presale, KANG traded at $0.005 but is now trading at $0.0196, marking a monumental rise by 290% from its starting price.

KANG has stood out when compared to other meme coins as it features actual utility, and is the in-game currency for the upcoming Play-to-Earn (P2E) game that is a part of the ecosystem. Through this token, any player gains the opportunity to buy NFTs and upgrade their in-game characters to have a better chance of winning. Moreover, KangaMoon will provide any KANG holder with access to additional challenges and extra tokens or in-game items.

The KangaMoon team also gives away free KANG tokens to active community members prior to its launch. This strategy is working as it has already appealed to over 20,000 registered users, and over 5,800 holders of the KANG token. At launch, analysts are projecting a 100x price increase, especially following its listing on Tier-1 exchanges. These aspects position KANG as one of the best new meme tokens.


Bonk and dogwifhat are Solana-based meme coins that initially took the industry by storm and showcased a major level of growth. However, even more substantial gains can be made with KangaMoon, as it has become a top competitor with its recent price performance and overall utility, which can make it a dominant force in the meme coin market.

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