Is 2023 The Year of Meme Coins? These 3 Meme Tokens Are Going to Outperform The Market

If there’s one type of token that has had a highly successful 2023, it’s meme coins. Just take a look at the likes of PEPE, which brought so much revenue for holders. The crypto community is eager to find the next such token, and there are currently a few out there that are showing the same, if not more, potential.

That’s because there is something of a resurgence in the meme coin space, with many tokens offering additional utilities or interesting ideas that are helping build communities. The best example of these is Wall St Memes (WSM), Shibie Coin (SHIBIE), and Chimpzee (CHMPZ). We go into detail as to why these meme coins are so special here.

Why Are Meme Coins Having A Resurgence?

Meme tokens have always had a significant impact on the cryptocurrency market, frequently resulting in enormous rewards for users when the tide turns. But if they do not advance and give token holders more features, conventional meme coins are doomed to lose their charm. Being a joke coin is all well and good, but investors now expect usefulness. 

As a result, a few meme coins that are accomplishing this have appeared in recent months. They are offering additional tokenomics models, games, and unique community traits, as well as more opportunities for users to make money. Giving users more opportunities to interact with the ecosystem is the aim.

Join The Bulls of Wall St Memes

The GameStop scandal and the Wall Street Bets movement gave rise to the extraordinary community known as Wall Street Memes (WSM). It deftly combines elements of the financial sector, meme-based humor, and internet culture. Wall Street Memes’ main objective is to parody and criticize the conventional financial system while giving users the opportunity to invest in cryptocurrencies, with a focus on meme coins.

The WSM token, which Wall Street Memes introduced, is the movement’s fundamental embodiment. With a lighthearted and irreverent twist, this token enables users to engage in speculative bets like those seen on Wall Street. People can show their support for the campaign and possibly profit from meme-based cryptocurrencies by joining the Wall Street Memes community and purchasing WSM.

Because they were inspired by the very movement that gave rise to them, Wall Street Memes represent the internet’s victory over unchecked capitalism. Gordon Gekko famously said, “Greed is good,” in the 1980s as he grew rich from stocks with no intrinsic value. A few decades later, a variety of meme coins that some claim have even lower inherent worth present common people with a comparable chance.

The WSM token is now in its presale phase and is being sold for $0.0331 per token. In the following phase, the price will increase to $0.0334 per token. The project has only been underway for a short while, but despite this, it has already gotten tremendous support, raising over $22 million during the presale, which demonstrates its broad appeal.

Interested parties can select either ETH or USDT as their preferred payment method to purchase the token. The WSM team places a high value on transparency and offers in-depth details regarding the tokenomics of the project. Of the total token supply, 50% is allocated for the presale, 30% is set aside for community awards, and the remaining 20% is split equally between CEX and DEX liquidity.

People now have the chance to perhaps be eligible for a future WSM token airdrop by actively participating in various social media outlets. This amazing airdrop is also open to anyone who own and trade WSM tokens. Wall St Memes is a fascinating investment possibility because to its distinctive traits that add to its widespread appeal.

The extensive and well-established community that Wall St Memes has built up across a variety of social media platforms is one of the key characteristics that set it apart. This current user base offers a solid basis for quick growth and development. Furthermore, given Elon Musk’s prominence in the meme currency industry, contact and connection with powerful people like him have likely had a substantial impact.

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The community’s unwavering support and enthusiasm significantly increase Wall St Memes’ chances of being listed on a reputable tier 1 exchange. Such a listing is crucial for the project’s growth and success going forward because it allows for greater visibility and accessibility, which in turn reaches a larger audience.

Check Out Wall St Memes

Meet Shibie Coin, The “Barbie” of Meme Coins

Investors want to get involved in the Shibie Coin (SHIBIE) project, which unites Barbie’s classic elegance with the distinct charm of the Shiba Inu in a single token. These two cultural heavyweights’ collaborative efforts will push the limits of the bitcoin market and produce a project that blends engaging content with a calculated investing strategy.

The cryptocurrency industry’s “nasty bombshell bitch,” according to the token, describes itself. She will encourage you to challenge the accepted norms in the bitcoin business through a well arranged, humorous experience for investors. It’s undoubtedly a unique token that embodies self-assurance, comedy, and other traits that make for good memes. 

Shibie strives to emulate a vibrant and fervent sense of community while reenacting the remarkable SHIB price surge. Through a unique fusion of fervor and sophistication, Shibie hopes to put her project on par with the well-known Shiba Inu and Barbie brands.

Everything required to promote participation and assure investors’ long-term potential is included in the project’s presale. SHIBIE has a hard cap of $999,999 and is currently priced at $0.000167 in the presale. The current presale will end in one day, so act quickly! It has raised nearly $200,000 in a very short span of time.

A Telegram bot powered by AI is also incorporated into the project to provide community members with additional entertainment and ecosystem knowledge.

Without a doubt, SHIBIE is a fantastic meme token. It has a unique personality, a strong sense of community, and an extremely successful marketing plan.

Check Out Shibie Coin (SHIBIE)

Chimpzee is A Meme Coin That’s Doing Good For The World

Chimpzee (CHMPZ) is a notable project that aims to address pressing problems like climate change and wildlife preservation while also giving users options for passive income. The project team shows their dedication by donating 10% of the token supply and a percentage of the earnings to groups working to address these pressing issues. Chimpzee’s ambassador and community outreach program demonstrates how important it is to raise money and public awareness for conservation programs.

The Chimpzee shop serves as the core hub and a diverse marketplace for the Chimpzee ecosystem, acting as its beating heart. The NFT marketplace also gives users the option to buy and sell NFTs, which allows them to earn passive revenue by sharing a portion of the platform’s trading fees.

The Zero Tolerance Game, which fervently supports the idea of environmental conservation, is one noteworthy feature. By completing certain objectives in this game, players can accumulate CHMPZ tokens. Chimpzee NFT passport holders receive special privileges that increase their prospects for passive income and enable them to amass more CHMPZ tokens. Below is a description of how to get a Chimpzee NFT passport.

Additionally, Chimpzee has grand ambitions to release a mobile app that makes use of AI technology to produce customized Chimpzee AI avatars. Users of this cutting-edge program can create their own distinctive chimpanzee avatars, which will be made available after the presale period is up.

A 40 billion token supply is available during the Chimpzee presale, and any tokens that remain unsold after the presale period will no longer be in use. Chimpzee is currently doing its presale, selling the token for $0.00085. The price will rise to $0.00095 in the next round and the listing price will then be set at $0.00185.

NFT passports will be made accessible by Chimpzee following the presale. The ability to purchase Chimpzee Diamond NFT passports will only be available to investors from presale stage 1. Before the NFT passports are available to the general public, a whitelist event will be organized especially for these investors. Any Diamond NFT passports that remain unsold will be made accessible to the general public.

Regular NFT passports will also be made available to presale investors following the presale. There will be a whitelist event, and any unclaimed passports will be made available for purchase by anyone.

It’s vital to note that the rare Chimpzee Diamond NFT passport will only be available to participants in the first round of the presale. The circulating supply of CHMPZ coins could be reduced by up to 10% when they are destroyed when they are used to pay for Chimpzee NFT passports.

Check Out Chimpzee


Meme coins are having some of the best weeks yet. The future only looks brighter with the likes of WSM, SHIBIE, and CHMPZ, which are all bringing something new to the meme coin niche. We highly recommend taking a look at their presales and joining their social communities to stay abreast of the latest developments.

Check Out Wall St Memes

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