Investors Look For Mining Solutions Ahead of Bitcoin 2024 Halving – Is Bitcoin Minetrix the Perfect Offer? Presale Raises $800,000 In Two Weeks.

With the Bitcoin block halving scheduled for April 2024, investors are turning their attention to mining solutions that can provide excessive gains in the run-up to the event.

The next Bitcoin block halving is expected to become an extinction-level event, as analysts believe many miners will be mining at a loss.

As a result, investors are rushing to projects likely to stay afloat post-halving, with one in particular gaining all of the attention.

Bitcoin Minetrix ($BTCMTX) has raised a whopping $800,000 in just two weeks as traders rush to get positioned in this staking-based cloud mining solution.

Miners Beef Up Operations Ahead of Bitcoin Block Halving

Miners in the United States are migrating to Texas for its pro-crypto regulatory environment ahead of the Bitcoin block halving next year.

Texas has long been known to be the crypto capital of the industry in the US due to its clean energy and permissive regulatory environment.

Texas makes up almost 30% of the total hash rate power generated from the United States – demonstrating the sheer optimism the state brings to Bitcoin Miners.

As a result, miners are rushing to the state to set up their mining operations ahead of the April 2024 block halving schedule.

The next halving will slash the BTC block reward from 6.25 to 3.125 per block.

This will hit the revenues for miners, as they receive 50% less Bitcoin during the operations.

Many analysts expect the majority of miners to die off in the next halving – calling it an extinction-level event for miners.

However, investors are starting to take note of decentralized cloud-based mining solutions that have the potential to survive the upcoming halving.

They believe that cloud mining will be the future of Bitcoin mining, and one project in particular is stealing all of the headlines.

Where are Investors Placing Their Bets?

It seems that investors are rushing to Bitcoin Minetrix after the project managed to raise a whopping $800,000 – just two weeks after launching.

The FOMO behind the project is quickly gaining momentum, proving that investors are highly optimistic about its future.

Bitcoin Minetrix introduces a new concept to the cloud-based mining industry with its new stake-to-mine system.

The idea behind the project is to let everyday users get started in crypto mining securely and transparently.

Users simply buy and stake their $BTCMTX tokens to receive Mining Credits. These are non-transferrable ERC20 tokens that can be burnt to obtain time in the cloud mining platform to earn $BTC.

The project is essentially combining two of the hottest trends in the industry: staking and mining.

The Mining Credits tokenizes the industry, removing the risk of third-party mining scams and putting the control back into the hands of miners.

Given its incredible early support, investors are confident that Bitcoin Minetrix ($BTCMTX) has the potential to completely revolutionize the entire mining industry ahead of the next Bitcoin halving.

Why is Bitcoin Minetrix Revolutionary?

Bitcoin Minetrix is revolutionary because it tokenizes the entire cloud mining industry, which is prevalent with scams.

Cloud mining is attractive as it allows individuals to start mining without owning or maintaining expensive mining equipment.

It allows users to rent a small portion of the hashing power of dedicated mining centers, allowing them to avoid high electricity bills and noisy machine pollution.

Although popular, cloud mining has been known for its scams, which leave miners short on earnings and lock them into lengthy multi-year contracts.

Bitcoin Minetrix is slightly different from cloud mining solutions with questionable practices.

Bitcoin MInetrix is expected to revolutionize this process through its stake-to-mine ecosystem.

The entire process is managed through smart contracts, which automatically monitor user allocations and earnings in a transparent manner on-chain.

The tokenization of the process of acquiring hashing power ensures that users retain complete control of their funds.

$BTCMTX can be staked or redeemed at any time, providing complete flexibility for investors.

It also ensures that users don’t have to pay expensive cash deposits for mining contracts, meaning they’re not locked in for extended periods of time.

The smart contracts for the project have been fully inspected and audited by Coinsult – a highly respected security firm in the industry.

Get Positioned Before Prices Increase

The $800,000 fundraising demonstrates the future growth prospects for $BTCMTX as investors continue to pile in.

High-profile investors are also having their say. For example, Michael Wribel, a YouTuber analyst with over 380,00 subscribers, believes that $BTXMTX has an incredibly bullish future;

The presale is currently in the first stage, selling the token for a price of $0.011.

Investors are encouraged to get postponed early because the cost of the token will have increased to $0.0119 by the end of the presale – representing an 8% increase.

The project is selling 70% of the total supply in the presale, meaning the majority of the tokens will be in the hands of the community.

In addition, those purchasing $BTCMTX right now can already start staking. The return for staking $BTCMTX currently provides an enormous 750% APY.

Users can get positioned in the presale by heading over to the Bitcoin Minetrix homepage and buying $BTCMTX with ETH, BNB, or USDT. Alternatively, a bank card can also be used to make the purchase.

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