Investors Claim $2,200,000 Worth Of DODO: ‘Prepare For Sell-Offs’ Says Top On-Chain Analyst

The cryptocurrency market is always in flux, and one of the coins that has recently caught the attention of traders and investors alike is $DODO. According to the famous Twitter analyst, Lookonchain, the price of $DODO has surged by a significant 33% in a single day. This bullish momentum can be attributed to a couple of key factors:

  1. Binance’s Listing: One of the primary reasons for this price surge is Binance’s recent listing of $DODO. Binance, being one of the largest and most influential cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, has a substantial impact on the coins it lists. A listing on such a platform often leads to increased visibility, liquidity, and trading volume for the coin.
  2. Big Investors’ Involvement: Alongside the Binance listing, Lookonchain has highlighted that prominent investors have begun pouring funds into $DODO. This influx of capital from big players can significantly drive up the demand and, consequently, the price of a coin.

Drawing parallels with another cryptocurrency, YGG: if $DODO continues to mirror YGG’s previous trajectory, it might reach a top price target of $0.52. This is a substantial increase from its current trading price of $0.15.

However, it’s not all rosy for $DODO. Lookonchain has observed some intriguing activities from certain investors:

  • In the past 24 hours, seven investors have claimed 8.11M $DODO, equivalent to $1.06M.
  • DWF Labs, a notable entity in the crypto space, received a significant 6M $DODO (valued at $782K) from the $DODO Undistributed wallet.

Furthermore, an investor with the address “0xE809” claimed 2.77M $DODO ($355K) and swiftly deposited it to Binance. This rapid movement of funds to an exchange might be a precursor to a potential sell-off. Such large-scale sell-offs can exert downward pressure on the coin’s price.

However, there’s a silver lining. Lookonchain’s recent update indicates that out of the eight investors they tracked, four have chosen to stake their $DODO holdings instead of selling them. These investors have staked a total of 8.03M $DODO, amounting to $1.12M, in just two hours.

Speculation and Implications:

The decision of these four investors to stake $DODO is a positive sign, indicating their confidence in the coin’s long-term potential. Staking often means that investors believe in the project’s future and are willing to lock their funds to earn rewards.

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However, Lookonchain wisely advises caution. Drawing from the recent events with the YOGO coin, there’s a possibility that other addresses might decide to sell their $DODO holdings at the peak price. Such actions can lead to a sharp price decline, negatively impacting other investors.

You can check our $DODO’s price prediction here.

In conclusion, while $DODO shows promising signs of growth, it’s essential for investors to stay vigilant, monitor market movements, and make informed decisions. As always, the insights from top-notch analysts like Lookonchain are invaluable in navigating the volatile world of cryptocurrencies.

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