Internet Computer ‘Makes Other Projects Obsolete’: Why ICP, ‘the Sleeping Giant,’ Will Outperform Chainlink’s Growth

A crypto enthusiast with the online moniker “John Tuld” with more than 31k followers on X has sparked intense discussion within the digital asset community by boldly proclaiming that the Internet Computer (ICP) project ‘the sleeping giant’ could potentially eclipse the growth trajectories of established giants like Ethereum and Chainlink.

In a lengthy social media post, Tuld draws parallels between ICP’s current situation and the early days of Chainlink (LINK), a project that was once dismissed as unnecessary or a scam, only to experience a meteoric rise from $0.25 to over $50 as its technology gained recognition.

Tuld argues that ICP, which aims to provide a decentralized and tamper-proof platform for data and applications, is currently in a similar position to Chainlink’s past, with its potential being overlooked or misunderstood by many in the crypto sphere.

“Internet Computer is the Chainlink story on steroids,” Tuld states, referring to ICP’s ambitious goal of making other blockchain projects “obsolete” by offering superior technology that is already functional, rather than being a mere promise for the future.

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Citing examples like OpenChat, an on-chain messaging app akin to Telegram, and various other decentralized applications (dApps) already built on the Internet Computer, Tuld contends that the project has delivered on its promises of providing secure, high-speed transactions and innovative features like AI integration and “chain-key” technology, which could potentially render oracles obsolete.

“ICP tech makes other projects obsolete, not in the future, now,” Tuld boldly claims, suggesting that Internet Computer’s achievements could position it as a potential “one chain to rule them all.”

However, Tuld is quick to clarify that his stance is not investment advice, but rather a call for the crypto community to conduct thorough research and due diligence on the Internet Computer project, which he believes has been unfairly discredited by influential figures with vested interests in competing projects.

As the debate around Internet Computer’s potential rages on, Tuld’s post serves as a reminder that disruptive technologies often face initial skepticism before gaining mainstream acceptance, and that the ever-evolving crypto landscape may hold surprises for even the most established players.

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