Intel-To-Earn: Arkham Intelligence Launches World’s First On-Chain Intelligence Exchange

Arkham Intelligence, a leading blockchain intelligence company, has announced the launch of the world’s first On-Chain Intelligence Exchange. This groundbreaking platform allows users to buy and sell information on the owner of any blockchain wallet address, all while ensuring anonymity through smart contracts.

The Arkham Intel Exchange operates on a unique system where buyers can request intelligence from the community by placing bounties. These bounties can be claimed by bounty hunters who submit the requested information, earning themselves rewards in the process. This innovative approach creates a liquid market for information, enabling on-chain sleuths to monetize their work at scale, a concept known as “intel-to-earn.”

The development of the Intel Exchange was driven by two prominent trends in the industry. Firstly, there has been a significant demand for on-chain analysis from various stakeholders, including traders, investors, journalists, researchers, and protocols. Secondly, there has been a growing number of talented on-chain sleuths actively participating in the Arkham community.

With the launch of the Intel Exchange, Arkham aims to provide a platform that allows sleuths to monetize their skills and caters to the increasing demand for on-chain intelligence in a scalable manner. By bringing together the two sides of this expansive market, Arkham creates a mechanism to match buyers and sellers through the bounty system.

Buyers can solicit intelligence by posting bounties, requesting information on any aspect they desire to know. On the other hand, bounty hunters claim these bounties by submitting relevant information in response. It is important to note that any intelligence bought and sold on the Intel Exchange will be exclusively held by the acquirer for a period of 90 days before being propagated to all users.

This approach allows the purchaser to maximize the value derived from the acquired intelligence in the short-term, while also ensuring the decentralization of on-chain knowledge to the broader community in the long run. The exchange’s scope is not limited to entity labels, as bounties can be posted for any on-chain activity. For example, victims of an exploit may pool resources to acquire intelligence on the exploiter, or a trading firm might wish to buy out information on their own wallet before a competitor discovers it.

Arkham’s vision for the Intel Exchange is to create a decentralized intel-to-earn economy powered by smart contracts, where sleuths can earn based on their skills and experience. This innovative platform ushers in a new era for the crypto industry, setting a higher standard of transparency and knowledge. By providing total crypto intelligence, Arkham aims to eliminate bad actors that hinder the progress of cryptocurrencies.

To prevent spam, the Intel Exchange has implemented a small staking requirement for bounty hunters. In the event their submissions are not approved, a portion of their stake will be slashed. This measure ensures the quality and reliability of the information shared on the platform.

The highly anticipated launch of the Intel Exchange is scheduled for Tuesday, July 18. Arkham Intelligence is eager to witness the valuable information shared on their platform and the direction the community takes this groundbreaking concept. The company expresses its gratitude for the overwhelming support received thus far.

As a blockchain intelligence company, Arkham Intelligence has built a robust platform that provides comprehensive information on the real-world entities and individuals behind crypto market activity. Their user-friendly interface allows users to scrutinize blockchain addresses, examine both sides of transactions, track fund movements, and investigate counterparty connections. Unlike their competitors, Arkham organizes data by entity, allowing for a more intuitive analysis of the flow of funds. The platform also offers a powerful blockchain engine for tracking crypto activities, customizable alerts for on and off-chain activities, and insightful tools for setting targeted alerts and viewing historical data against pricing and other vital signals.

Currently in private beta, Arkham Intelligence boasts an impressive user base comprising media organizations, crypto exchanges, hedge funds, and other financial institutions. Their platform is set to revolutionize the way intelligence is acquired and shared within the cryptocurrency landscape, providing a crucial resource for individuals and entities seeking in-depth knowledge of crypto networks.

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