Indicator Predicts When Kaspa Will Reach $10 as More Merchants Now Accept KAS for Payment Settlement

Kaspa, a scalable blockchain protocol focused on payments, has recently seen growing indicator forecasts of future triple-digit price levels alongside increasing real-world merchant adoption. These dual tailwinds could help propel the currently sub-$1 token to $10 or more by early 2026.

Model Predictions Align on Major Upside

As crypto analyst MikoGenno recently tweeted, Kaspa’s stock-to-flow model predicts the token reaching $10 in early 2026 based on programmed supply issuance rates. While price has closely tracked the stock-to-flow model so far, Miko believes adoption could outpace supply growth, causing KAS to follow a exponential ‘power law’ appreciation curve instead, bringing shorter term, more aggressive gains.

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Merchant Acceptance Reaches Critical

Mass Supporting the upside forecasts
Kaspa adoption has started accelerating, with crypto enthusiast SilverKaspa tweeting how multiple stores in his hometown have begun accepting KAS payments using Kaspa’s fast, inexpensive layer 1 blockchain. As more merchants accept the token directly for goods and services, demand ramps up, providing upward price pressure.

Kaspa itself shared how a barbershop in the Faroe Islands now takes KAS via simple peer-to-peer transactions through the Kaspium mobile wallet. The video shows a client getting a haircut and paying the barber directly with no middlemen, highlighting Kaspa’s usefulness for everyday digital cash transactions with instant settlement and negligible fees.

As analyst models predict $10+ KAS pricing based on programmed emission rates and adoption indicators like merchant acceptance flash bullish signals, Kaspa appears positioned to see a significant upside from sub-$1 levels in coming years as real-world usage accelerates. The path towards becoming a widely-used global payments blockchain seems increasingly plausible.

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