How To Connect Ledger With Tor? Does Ledger Work With Tor?

Does Ledger work with Tor? 

Ledger devices don’t work with Tails OS or Tor because the Ledger Live app uses Cloudflare-protected nodes that block Tor users. 

The Ledger company probably doesn’t let users connect to the Tor network because they want to keep users safe. The Tor network is not blocked by by default. Instead, it allows users to control Tor access (in the Firewall app) and enable Onion Routing (in the Network app). 

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Is there a workaround to make Ledger work with Tor or Tails?

According to the crypto community, you can use a VPN to stop Ledger from blocking access to the Tor network. A VPN (a virtual private network) is a service designed to protect your online privacy and internet connection by creating an encrypted data tunnel that hides your IP. 

When using a VPN to access the Ledger Live app, your data traffic goes from your computer to the Tor network, the VPN, and then to the Ledger Live app website, which allows you to hide your online identity. However, some security risks are associated with using virtual private networks (VPNs), either with Tor or in general. 

Although some may think they increase privacy or anonymity, they are not the safest or most secure way to connect to the internet or the Ledger Live app.

VPN tunnels pose security risks.

The “User -> Tor -> VPN -> Internet” setup hides your IP address from the apps and websites you visit. It doesn’t increase your level of privacy or anonymity since your IP can still be tracked by both the VPN service provider and your ISP. 

Also, users can still reveal their online identity through other fingerprinting methods, such as user agents, website traffic fingerprinting, data processing (Deep Packet Inspection), and more. 

In other words, VPN traffic cannot hide your Tor activity from your ISP, and it does not offer true privacy or anonymity. That doesn’t mean VPNs aren’t good, as you can use them to connect to a public wireless network or for other purposes for which they can increase online security.

👉 When you connect to the internet using Tor and a VPN, your IP address belongs to the VPN rather than one of the Tor network servers, which negates most of the Tor network’s security and anonymity benefits and places your trust solely in the VPN provider. Your connection can still be monitored when using Tor at the point where traffic leaves the VPN server (unencrypted), over which Tor has no control.

Some may argue that it’s better if you don’t use a VPN with Tor or in general, as doing so puts too much trust in the VPN provider and brings an additional point of failure since your online security depends on both the Tor network and your VPN. Unfortunately, if you need to bypass some restrictions like Ledger’s Live Tor network block, you should use a VPN as there’s no way around it.


What are the advantages of using Tails OS and the TOR browser

Tails OS is a portable operating system that aims to increase privacy and offer protection against online surveillance, tracking, and censorship. 

Tails OS uses the Tor network servers to encrypt your data and preserve your privacy and anonymity. Tail OS is easy to use and packs a lot of built-in privacy tools out of the box, such as Metadata Anonymization Toolkit, OpenPGP encryption applet, Electrum Bitcoin Wallet, TOR Browser Bundle, Pidgin IM, LibreOffice and more.

Do you need Tails OS if you are already using Tor + a VPN

No. Tails OS is not required when using Tor + VPN on other operating systems. Also, you can use Tails OS without a VPN with the same level of privacy and security, if not better.

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