How One Trader Made $150,000 with Just $198 Ethereum in 18 Hours

LookOnChain reported that an unprecedented trading opportunity resulted in one investor achieving remarkable gains within a very short time period. According to their analysis, in just 18 hours a trader was able to generate a total profit of approximately $152,000 starting from an initial investment of only $198 worth of Ethereum.

The trader capitalized on an emerging new cryptocurrency called SORA. By paying a minimal transaction fee, the individual secured over 16 million SORA tokens before other buyers entered the market. Several hours later, 12.23 million of these tokens were sold for 39 ETH valued around $110,000 at that time. An additional 3.77 million SORA tokens were retained too, worth roughly $42,000.

Through precisely timing this successful trade from an investment of just 0.07 ETH, or $198, LookOnChain reported that the participant achieved stunning returns exceeding 770 times their initial capital over the incredibly short period of 18 hours. It was an example of how astute market plays can uncover tremendous profit opportunities even when starting from a very small position size.

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Tips on the Ethereum blockchain refer to a mechanism that allows users to optionally include extra ETH when sending transactions. This extra ETH is paid to miners to incentive prioritizing and confirming the transaction quickly. In situations where there is high network usage or competition for block space, a higher tip can mean a transaction is confirmed much faster.

This trader clearly understood the utility of tips, as they allowed their transaction to be quickly confirmed, securing 16 million SORA tokens before others could react. By sniping the new listing with a well-timed transaction and minimal funds, they were able to achieve extraordinary short-term gains.

While most would not see this kind of return, this story demonstrates how savvy traders can maximize opportunity even with relatively small amounts of capital. Tips remain a useful tool for those looking to get an edge in this bull cycle.

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