How Chimpzee Offers Investors Various Passive Income Opportunities While Saving the Planet

Chimpzee has created a system that allows community members to earn passive income while contributing to environmental conservation efforts. 

To be precise, the platform offers several avenues for investors to generate passive income, all while making a positive impact on the planet and its animal inhabitants. 

Stake, Hold and Earn

One of the features provided by Chimpzee is the staking. Users of the platform can stake both their CHMPZ token (the native token of the platform), and their NFT Passports to earn 40% and 20% APY, respectively.

To stake the CHMPZ token, users must ensure their wallet is connected to the Ethereum network. From the website, they can then enter the amount they wish to stake or click the “MAX” link to stake all the CHMPZ tokens in their wallet. After approving the spending cap request, users will need to confirm the transaction on the blockchain and pay the necessary gas fee.

Once the staking process is complete, users will see their deposited CHMPZ in the “Locked CHMPZ” section, and after a 5-day period, the tokens will be moved to the “Current Staked” section, allowing users to unstake and claim their rewards at any time. The staking APY for the CHMPZ token is 40%.

Similarly, users can stake their Chimpzee NFT Passports by connecting their wallet to the website and selecting the type of passport they wish to stake. The platform offers four tiers of NFT Passports: Diamond, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. 

The staking APY varies based on the passport tier, with Diamond passports earning 20%, Gold passports earning 18%, Silver passports earning 15%, and Bronze passports earning 10%. Of course, this provides users with the opportunity to earn passive income.

NFT Passports also offer holders the opportunity to earn and enjoy benefits within the ecosystem, such as exclusive access and rewards. Holders of the digital asset will enjoy benefits such as early access to new projects, special events, rare digital collectibles, and more.

Enjoy the Benefits of the Ecosystem

Chimpzee’s  ecosystem offers additional opportunities for users to generate passive income while contributing to environmental and animal conservation efforts.

The Chimpzee Shop, for instance, will offer a range of merchandise for sale, and a percentage of the profits from these sales are directed towards charity. By making purchases on the platform’s Shop, users earn CHMPZ coins as passive income and also support the fight against climate change and animal cruelty.

The Chimpzee NFT Marketplace will be another component of the platform’s ecosystem. This marketplace allows users to trade environment-focused NFTs, with a portion of the trading fees being shared with the platform’s users. This provides an opportunity for passive income, but also encourages the creation and adoption of NFTs that support environmental and animal welfare initiatives.

Furthermore, Chimpzee’s “Zero Tolerance Game,”  will enable community members to earn CHMPZ coins, access premium prizes, and gain advantages using their NFT Passports or custom avatars to protect forests and stop poachers. The purpose of this conservation generates passive income and encourages users to be active participants in the fight against environmental issues.


Promotions and Giveaways

In addition to the passive income opportunities within the Chimpzee ecosystem, the platform also offers a range of promotions and giveaways to further incentivize its community.

One of the ongoing initiatives is the special summer promotion, where one NFT Passport holder will be selected to receive $2,000 USDT on June 21st. 

This giveaway is open exclusively to individuals who hold any Chimpzee NFT Passport, providing an additional layer of rewards for users who have already invested in the platform’s ecosystem.

The platform has also announced a more extensive NFT Passport promotion, where holders of any Chimpzee NFT Passport will have the chance to win up to $10,000 USDT. 

The prizes are divided among different passport tiers, with the highest award of $10,000 USDT being open to all passport holders, and smaller prizes being allocated to specific passport tiers, such as $5,000 USDT for Diamond passport holders, $2,500 USDT for Gold passport holders, $1,000 USDT for Silver passport holders, and $500 USDT for Bronze passport holders. Additionally, there are 20 prizes of $250 USDT available for any NFT Passport holder.

These promotions and giveaways serve as powerful incentives for investors to engage with the Chimpzee platform and they are viewed as a positive sign and part of the project’s marketing plan.


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