How This Kaspa Trader Banked $200k in 6 Days Riding KAS’s Bitcoin-Like Bullish Setup

Kaspa (KAS) has caught the attention of crypto analyst Credible Crypto for having an extremely bullish setup that rivals even Bitcoin’s price structure. Credible Crypto detailed how he rode a long KAS trade to $200,000 in profits over just 6 days, highlighting the altcoin’s massive upside potential.

In a recent tweet, Credible Crypto called KAS the “only altcoin” he’s seen that has impulsive bullish price swings akin to Bitcoin’s. He posted a chart overlaying KAS and BTC’s wave patterns, showing striking similarities in their overlapping impulsive moves.

Identifying the Setup

Credible Crypto pointed followers to an earlier 15-minute video explaining how he spotted the KAS setup in the first place. He notes tracking lower timeframe impulses that lead into higher timeframe impulsive moves is key to identifying these opportunities early.

KAS exhibited textbook impulsive waves across timeframes, fueling his confidence in a sustained bull run ahead just like Bitcoin tends to see after forming impulsive uptrends. Divergence on the RSI added to the bull case.

Entering a Winning Trade

Armed with his analysis, Credible Crypto entered a long KAS trade and secured $200,000 in profits as it spiked from around $0.05 to $0.09. Although he took some profits, he remains positioned for more upside, calling this the “5th wave” that could be truly massive.

When asked if KAS could reach a $40-60 billion market cap eventually, he responded that the current market cap poses no limit on where KAS could end up.

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Trading Like the Whales

By identifying the same bullish patterns whales spot, traders can ride coins like KAS to potentially enormous gains. Credible Crypto’s analysis and results showcase the power of combining impulsive trend analysis across timeframes just like institutional players do. KAS remains in the early innings according to him, with its impulsive structure signaling smooth sailing ahead for traders who identify the opportunity.

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Temitope Olatunji
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