Hottest Crypto to Watch This Week Revealed

This year, the cryptocurrency market has continued delivering positive and negative prices for various cryptocurrencies. Navigating this rapidly growing investment scene can be overwhelming for new and seasoned investors, given the swift pace at which the market moves. Amidst the plethora of crypto projects available, individuals often seek guidance on making informed investment decisions.

Hence, we’ve collected a handful of cryptos that possess promising indications for profits. InQubeta (QUBE), Solana (SOL), and Filecoin (FIL) are the three hottest investment options for investors seeking to enhance their portfolios and maximize returns. These cryptocurrencies are opportunities poised to reward investors with colossal profits. Investors should focus on these highly sought-after gems for potential profits this week.

Let’s explore why QUBE, SOL, and FIL are the hottest cryptos to watch this week.

InQubeta (QUBE) Is The Hottest AI Crypto For Profitable Returns 

InQubeta is an upcoming AI-cryptocurrency project that could offer higher returns than Solana and Filecoin. In the past months, the price of InQubeta has surged by an impressive 60%, with a single QUBE token now selling for $0.0112. The QUBE presale is currently enjoying increasing demand, which will soon see QUBE rising to $0.0133, at the next presale stage. This anticipated return cements QUBE as the best new crypto to invest in right now.

The project guarantees profitable returns and offers access to the best NFTs to invest in. During its presale, InQubeta has garnered significant attention, intending to achieve a price of $0.028 by the presale’s conclusion. This achievement will firmly establish it as the best ICO to invest in for maximum profits.

Beyond its potential for impressive returns, InQubeta introduces a groundbreaking approach to crowdfunding. It empowers everyday investors to obtain equity in promising AI startups by using some of the best NFTs to invest in. These NFTs house the company’s equity, and allow for fractionalized ownership. With a vision to transform the crowdfunding market with DeFi capabilities, InQubeta shows appeal as the best new crypto to invest in for long-term gains.

Holders of the QUBE token also enjoy various perks like staking rewards and governance. In stage 3 of its presale, InQubeta has sold 270 million tokens and raised over $2.1 million in fundraising for further project development. QUBE has garnered global attention with its practicality and endorsement from real-world use cases. Analysts project that if the present demand trend persists, QUBE could see its price explode from $0.0112 to $0.0308 before the end of 2023, making it the best ICO on the market.

Solana’s (SOL) Performance Hints At Upcoming Rally Towards All-Time Highs

Multiple analysts have expressed bullish sentiment for Solana in the coming weeks. According to some of their latest projections, Solana could witness an even better performance in 2023. They also noted that the price of SOL could repeat the 2018 rally when the altcoin recorded a milestone rally of almost 50x.

Since the beginning of this year, SOL has gained more than 90% in value, making it one of the best performers. Industry experts believe Solana is one to watch in the coming weeks because it could deliver better performance at a 20x increase from current prices. If this happens, Solana could target new highs.

Filecoin (FIL) Could See A Push Through Resistance

Filecoin is one of the hottest cryptocurrencies due to the steady presence of whale activity on the platform. Although FIL has declined from recent highs, its price is currently on strong support, which could push it higher in the coming weeks. Investors should focus on Filecoin because buying due to a potential bullish breakout could be an intelligent decision.

For now, FIL ranges around the $4.00 level, which has acted as a critical level of support. A break above this price could bring a retest of previous yearly highs in the $9.00 range.


Solana and Filecoin are promising investments, but InQubeta shows more potential to deliver mouthwatering profits quickly. With QUBE slated to increase with subsequent stages, investors’ demand has positioned it as the hottest crypto.

If InQubeta sustains the bullish momentum, QUBE could trade to milestone highs. This means investors who invest in the presale will reap huge returns. The available 10% bonus and discount price are two reasons it’s currently the best time to get in on InQubeta.

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