Hong Kong Crypto Regulation Hits Floki Staking Protocol. Investors Run to Meme Moguls’ Presale

While many are drawn to the potential profits of blockchain, savvy investors seek projects offering stability and growth. Amidst regulatory uncertainties, platforms like Meme Moguls stand out, captivating analysts and investors.

This meme-backed upstart offers passive income opportunities and aims to exceed Floki Inu’s market cap – even as the latter struggles with crypto regulations. Stay tuned as we explore why Meme Moguls is basking in the limelight while Floki Inu struggles.

Floki Inu Investors In a Dilemma as Hong Kong Slaps Staking Protocol with Regulation 

Floki Inu is a renowned meme coin and suffering a regulatory slap came as a surprise for many. But on January 26, 2024, the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) labeled the Floki and TokenFi staking programs suspicious.

In the announcement posted on their page, they stated that Floki Inu claims its staking program will give investors an annual return yield of 30% to 100%. However, the project has not been able to convince them as to how the enormous return on investment will be achieved.

Further, they have put strict measures in place to restrict Hong Kong citizens from joining the staking programs and obey the regulatory bodies of the city. This has incited fear in many stakers and investors, especially if the staking program is another fad. Following the drama, Floki Inu dropped by 4.6% to $0.0000281, pushing its 30-day loss to 13% and market cap to $262M.

Meme Moguls: Novel Meme-Backed DeFi Protocol Sparks Enthusiasm in Presale

While Floki Inu suffers from crypto regulation clampdown, Meme Moguls stands out as a platform that enables users to trade memes like stocks in a Play-to-Earn immersive gaming ecosystem. Meme Moguls is not just another meme coin; it ingeniously fuses meme power with DeFi.

Its vision has got most investors turning heads to its presale: to create the next generation of moguls like Buffet and Musk.

Central to Meme Moguls’ dream is its native token, $MGLS, which offers incredible value-driven utility. As a reward for holding Meme Moguls’ tokens, users earn a cut of revenue generated and get free NFTs and VIP perks. Interestingly, users incur a zero percent buy or sell tax for trading the token – a show of Meme Moguls’ user-driven goals.

What’s more interesting is the presale that is looking like the crypto event of this decade. The platform offers 60% of its token for sale for early investors at $0.0036 with a 30% bonus. So why’d anyone miss this opportunity? But that’s not all! Presale holders can win $10,000 worth of MGLS by competing in early quests and challenges.

As uncertainty and regulatory scrutiny plague the meme market and Floki Inu, Meme Moguls offers an escape into stability and resilience. Investors are, therefore, trooping in to get their slice of the massive yield it has the potential to produce before it’s too late.


Floki Inu devs responded to the regulatory slap by Hong Kong securities. However, crypto regulation by governmental authorities continues to be a source of panic in the industry. On the other hand, Meme Moguls continues to flourish as its stage 5 presale events attract more investors.

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