HEX Faces a 30% Price Crash Post-SEC Lawsuit, Analyzing The Success Of DigiToads Presale

HEX has dropped by 30% recently, resulting from a post-SEC lawsuit against Richard Heart, the CEO of HEX, over claims of selling unregistered securities and engaging in fraudulent activities. Amidst the price crash of HEX, one significant presale event that has caught the attention of many crypto investors is DigiToads (TOADS). Having recorded considerable success in presale, TOADS investors anticipate substantial returns when it finally hits the market. 

The DigiToads network offers investors exceptional investment opportunities to maximize profits while having fun. It uniquely stands out among other memecoins as it uses various Web3 features to increase its utility. Despite the lawsuits against many cryptocurrencies, investors still demonstrated confidence in TOADS, putting it among the top crypto coins with substantial returns. 

This article analyzes the success of DigiToads’ presale amid the crash of HEX. 

DigiToads (TOADS) Gains More Investors With Its 100% Consult Audit Test

The introduction of DigiToads has offered investors a new taste of the investment approach in the meme ecosystem. Propelled by its innovative Web3 features and exceptional reward strategy, DigiToads places itself among the best DeFi projects, offering investors outstanding benefits.

While in its last presale stage, DigiToads has demonstrated sequential growth in different stages, each showing its development features alongside a new price higher than the previous one. So far, TOADS has witnessed a 400% price increase while selling at a cost rate of $0.05 per token.

The success of DigiToads presale can be seen in the amount raised, which hit over $6.8 million with over 380 million TOADS sold. More than 94% of DigiToads have been sold within the final stage, indicating increased demand as TOADS rises among the best DeFi projects to invest in. At the end of its presale, slated for the 15th of August, TOADS is expected to go live with a launching price of $0.055, indicating a 450% price increase with a 5.5x return.

One intriguing thing about DigiToads is its 100% satisfactory audit test by Consult. Investors are sure of a secure and transparent investment platform without fear of vulnerability. DigiToads can be purchased with cryptocurrencies like SOL, BTC, and ETH. Investors can now earn a 30% bonus on their purchase by using 30POLES as the promo code. DigiToads offers several investment benefits, such as weekly giveaways, which makes TOADS the best crypto to invest in at its early stage

HEX Blames The US Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) For Price Fall

HEX was launched in 2019 as a certificate of deposit on blockchain technology. HEX is built on the Ethereum blockchain and is one of the EREC-20 coins in the crypto marketplace. It leverages the decentralized finance (DeFi) algorithm to replace certificates of deposit in the traditional financial market. HEX uses the Ethereum blockchain for its transaction layer, while the consensus code and the staking mechanism are stored in the HEX smart contract. 

The HEX network allows users to stake their HEX EREC-20 coins to receive rewards as the token’s price appreciates, creating an avenue for users to earn residual income. While HEX is still struggling to regain its all-time high of $0.5561, the post-SEC lawsuit still has a drawback in its price growth, causing it to fall by 30%. 

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best cryptocurrencies can be overwhelming, especially when forecasting coins for optimum returns and trying to save your investment from being trapped by the SEC. Amidst the challenges HEX and other cryptocurrencies face in the crypto space, the 100% audit satisfaction by Consult projects TOADS among the top crypto coins against vulnerabilities.

Investors hold TOADS in high esteem, showing some confidence in the project as it reflects in its presale success, reaching significant growth. Join the final presale now, before it closes, and get yourself ready for a 5.5x return.  

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