Green Bitcoin $GBTC Proves To Be 2024’s Popular Choice After Crossing $600K As Investors Seek Passive Income in Gamified Green Staking.

The presale for Green Token ($GBTC) is proving itself a popular choice for passive income in 2024 after crossing the $600K fundraising milestone this week.

Investors continue to flock to the project’s innovative Gamified Green Staking concept, which rewards users for accurately forecasting the future price of Bitcoin.

The project seeks to create a community-engaged platform with analysts believing a supply shock will appear on the open market, forcing a sudden price surge in the coming months.

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Investors Start 2024 by Rushing to $GBTC, Pushing Presale Beyond $600K

The presale for $GBTC has officially blazed past the $600K fundraising milestone as investors start the year by rushing to the Bitcoin forecast rewards ecosystem.

Green Bitcoin combines the legacy Bitcoin blockchain with Ethereum’s eco-friendly proof-of-stake consensus mechanism to give birth to a “green” version of Bitcoin.

The platform introduces a unique staking model called Gamified Green Staking, which provides a passive income for active participants with rewards scaled to the level of investment.

Green Bitcoin intends to keep its community consistently engaged through exponential rewards, 100% token bonuses, and new challenges going live each week.

Active engagement is what investors believe will produce 50x returns for early adopters as it requires users to lock their tokens into the ecosystem, removing them from the open market.

As a result, newcomers following the presale seeking to predict the price of Bitcoin and earn rewards will be forced to pay higher prices as most of the tokens will be locked away in Gamified Green Staking.

This is one of the primary reasons investors are flocking to be early adopters, and the presale continues to race toward the $1 million fundraising milestone.

Predict the Price of Bitcoin and Earn Rewards Through Gamified Green Staking

Gamified Green Staking is a unique staking concept that empowers users to make daily price predictions and earn rewards.

The price prediction contents are rooted in the staking system that requires users to lock their tokens in the staking contract for a short period of time.

The act of staking allows them to forecast the next day’s price movement. Those who accurately predict the price of Bitcoin are rewarded with a proportionate share of the daily staking rewards.

The rewards you earn from the platform depend on the level of investment and the duration of commitment to the ecosystem.

For example, those who stake their tokens for a week or more are entitled to a 5% bonus on top of their daily winnings. Monthly and six-monthly stakes are rewarded with 10% and 15% bonuses, respectively.

The team has committed 27% of the total supply to provide consistent participant rewards over the coming two years.

How Does Gamified Green Staking Work?

Those wanting to place forecasts for the next day’s Bitcoin price must stake their $GBTC tokens and place their forecast by 11:30 EST time.

At midnight, the smart contracts behind the platform will tally up the day’s stakes against the actual Bitcoin price trend.

Accurate predictions that forecast the price of Bitcoin in the “green zone” will be rewarded with their portion of the day’s mining fee rewards. The rewards are linearly distributed through ten-minute integrals, keeping in line with the original Bitcoin block time.

Users can claim their winnings every 24 hours to keep transaction costs low.

Momentum Building: Get Positioned Before It’s Too Late

With the momentum for $GBTC building, the presale is the perfect opportunity to get positioned in the utility token before it launches on exchanges and becomes more expensive.

As mentioned, the $GBTC token is essential to the Gamified Green Staking concept, meaning it has unprecedented utility if participants want to earn rewards.

The presale is selling 40% of the total supply to the community.

Of the remaining supply, 27.5% is set aside for staking rewards, 17.5% for marketing, and 5% for community rewards.

The final 10% is reserved to add liquidity to exchanges, split evenly between CEXs and DEXs.

Investors can currently purchase $GBTC in the presale for $0.4162.

However, the rising pricing strategy means the cost of the token increases during subsequent presale stages. Therefore, those getting positioned the earliest benefit the most as they enter at lower prices.

Overall, Gamified Green Staking is a new and intriguing staking concept in the blockchain world. Analysts predict it will cause price pumps due to the supply shocks it could cause on the open market.

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