Golden Opportunity: Shiba Inu (SHIB) Killer To Be Listed on A New Crypto Exchange, Price My Double

The dual-token cryptocurrency ecosystem “Golden Inu” has exciting developments for its community. After surpassing expectations with the monumental performance of both $GOLDEN tokens in 2024, the project recently announced that $GOLDEN will soon be listed on a new exchange. 

This year, Golden Inu’s recent efforts to launch a groundbreaking play-to-earn game have bear fruit. The RPG launched in January played a pivotal role in enhancing the utility of each token, as well as bringing a lot of eyes towards the project. In that timeframe, both projects more than tripled in value, cementing Golden Inu as one of the most profitable digital currencies of 2024 so far. 

In addition to that, $GOLDEN tokens have also been listed on several exchanges like BitTrue and AZBit. By allowing the range of where investors can acquire tokens, Golden Inu’s liquidity has also seen an incredible rise. 

With that in mind, the project announced on that the new “major” listing will be even more impactful than the previous ones. With momentum and market sentiment on its side, Golden Inu’s new CEX listing has everything to become a pivotal moment in the memecoin’s history.

One of the pivotal developments for Golden Inu was the January launch of its major dApp, the play-to-earn game “Golden Inuverse.” This game introduces users to a low-poly 3D open-world environment where they can engage in various activities, potentially earning rewards through gameplay.

$GOLDEN Tokens on the Rise

Both tokens in the ecosystem have played an important role in providing utility and liquidity to the project. Furthermore, 2024 has been an incredible year for holders of both tokens, who have seen value appreciation of over 400% in less than 3-months time. 

$GOLDEN [BEP-20] Up 435%

The BNB Chain version of $GOLDEN has stood out as the most profitable memecoin to hold in 2024 so far. 

On December, 18, 2023—the asset started gaining momentum in anticipation of the launch of Golden Inuverse. At the time, $GOLDEN [BEP-20] traded at $0.0000000000002324. According to DexScreener, the currency has since grown by a whopping 435% in value, currently trading at $0.000000000001340.

The assets’ momentum has been so strong that the MACD (Moving average convergence/divergence) technical indicator shows a strong trend, with its MAs trading well above the “dead zone”, indicating no signs of exhaustion.

Certainly, the new listing could field $GOLDEN’s upward trend to new heights as the asset reaches record-breaking values. 


Meanwhile, the Ethereum Blockchain version of $GOLDEN has also been breaking records. During the same time frame (Dec 18—Feb 29), the asset grew by over 200% in size.

In fact, $GOLDEN [ERC-20] has recently reached an all-time high price of 0.00000000003106 according to DexScreener, marking the highest value the token has ever achieved.

Similarly to its sister-token on the BNB Chain, the asset continues to exhibit strong momentum, with indicators such as the MACD suggesting a sustained upward trend. 

The listing on BitTrue in January contributed significantly to this surge, providing increased visibility and accessibility to investors.

Upcoming Listing To Be Even Better Than BitTrue

With both the BEP-20 and ERC-20 versions of $GOLDEN experiencing remarkable growth, the upcoming listing on a new exchange holds immense potential to further amplify this upward trajectory. The addition of $GOLDEN to another prominent trading platform will expand its reach and liquidity, attracting a broader investor base and potentially driving prices to new highs.

The recent Twitter poll initiated by Golden Inu has added another layer of anticipation to the forthcoming exchange listing. By engaging the community in the decision-making process, Golden Inu demonstrates a commitment to transparency and inclusivity in its operations.

The exchanges mentioned in the poll, including Binance, MEXC, OKX, and Bybit, boast substantial user bases, facilitating greater liquidity and adoption for $GOLDEN tokens. 

Listing on these prominent platforms not only increases accessibility for investors but also expands the reach of Golden Inu’s ecosystem. With a larger user base comes heightened trading activity, contributing to deeper liquidity pools and price stability for $GOLDEN. 

Furthermore, exposure to reputable exchanges enhances the credibility and visibility of Golden Inu’s project, attracting a broader audience of potential investors and fostering long-term growth and sustainability for the ecosystem.

As market sentiment remains positive and demand for $GOLDEN tokens continues to surge, the stage is set for another milestone in Golden Inu’s journey. With the potential for exponential growth and record-breaking prices, investors are eagerly anticipating the impact of the upcoming exchange listing on $GOLDEN’s price trajectory.

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