German bank survey: Every third German considers investing in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Co.

A new study by Postbank shows that a large number of Germans are very interested in crypto currencies as an investment. In spite of the sharp price losses of recent months, digital currencies are particularly popular with young people.

Postbank’s digital study comes to a promising conclusion: one in three Germans now finds crypto currency interesting as a possible investment. Especially among people younger than 35, 46% of those surveyed consider Bitcoin, Ethereum and Co. as an investment – in all other age categories the figure is only 29%.

Although the last few weeks have seen significant losses for crypto investors, interest has surprisingly remained high. Dr. Thomas Mangel, CDO of Postbank, explains:

It is remarkable that the interest of Germans in crypto currencies as an investment is still high despite high price losses and obvious risks.

Nevertheless, he makes it clear that crypto currencies carry a great financial risk:

There is certainly a real risk that people will lose money just because they follow a hype.

The study also shows that awareness of opportunities and risks is probably often overestimated.

Many Germans attest to their good knowledge through the constant media presence of the crypto currencies and regular monitoring of events. Mangel notes in this case:

Due to the media hype, many people overestimate their knowledge of the opportunities and risks of crypto currencies as an investment.

Women are particularly attracted by the idea of independence from the financial system, while men are after great opportunities that yield biggest and quickest returns. For every third cryptofan, anonymity is also an important component of crypto currencies. Thrills and the “gold-digger feeling” play a role for every fifth interested person.

The study shows that crypto currencies play a major role in Germany and adoption is already well advanced. Despite the considerable decline in the crypto market in recent months, the population does not seem to have lost interest.

We are optimistic for the future of crypto currencies and are curious how the next days and weeks will turn out.


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Rene Peters

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