GAS Surges 182%: Exploring NEO’s Possible Drivers – Meme Moguls Presale Closing Date Announced

GAS, a cryptocurrency designed for processing fees on the Neo network, has increased in value by 182% over the last year. This has put GAS in the spotlight, and has investors asking: how is the Neo ecosystem growing so fast? Meanwhile, Meme Moguls is building momentum after it hit a new all-time high going into stage five of its presale. 

NEO Ecosystem Experiences Significant Growth In 2023

In 2023, Neo solidified its position as a reliable, and scalable platform. It experienced several new enhancements, which may have contributed to the surge in GAS’ price. 

Firstly, Neo implemented new cross-chain bridges to improve its accessibility. By enhancing its interconnectivity with other blockchain ecosystems, Neo has made itself and GAS significantly more accessible. 

Secondly, Neo has improved the functionality of its smart contracts. Smart contracts now include on-chain governance and a more streamlined way to allocate resources. 

These developments sped up Neo’s adoption rate, and have also increased the number of use cases for GAS tokens. But technological developments aren’t the only way that Neo succeeded in 2023. Neo also experienced significant ecosystem growth. 

For example, in July 2023 Neo launched the APAC Hackathon. This event is designed to support Web3 innovations and introduces regional hacking weekends where individuals can join digitally. This has helped attract new developers to the Neo ecosystem. 

Over the next 12 months, experts believe that Neo and GAS could surge, as Neo continues to make progress within the DeFi space. In particular, experts believe that Neo could help innovate the NFT and P2E gaming spaces, further increasing the number of GAS use cases. 

Is Meme Moguls Becoming DeFi’s Biggest Presale? 

Meme Moguls has become one of DeFi’s hottest presales. In just a few months, the project has experienced exponential growth, increasing in value on five occasions while simultaneously raising over $2 million. Now, experts predict that the project could offer 100x returns post-launch. 

Meme Moguls introduces a unique new concept: the world’s first meme stock market. This virtual marketplace will work like a traditional stock market, though will offer meme assets. 

Within the marketplace, players will be given $100k in virtual currency. Once they start investing, each player will be ranked as part of the game’s leaderboard. The top 20 ranked players will earn the status of “Moguls”, and will earn a monthly reward from a prize pot. 

But this isn’t the only way players can earn. Within the Meme Moguls ecosystem players will have the chance to take part in competitions, tournaments, and one-on-one events. Winners will earn rewards for competing, and all players will have the chance to build their experience. 

If players aren’t interested in competing, they can play games like “Beat the Market”, where they’ll be able to build their own asset portfolio and beat the world’s top funds. 

After a recent rally, Meme Moguls hit a new all-time high. Its native token, $MGLS, is now trading for $0.0036 per token. Within the next year, experts believe that $MGLS could hit $0.19, making its current price a bargain for investors who get involved during the early phases of the Meme Moguls presale. 

For more information about the Meme Moguls (MGLS) Presale: 

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