GambleFi Token Meme Kombat to Rival Pepe For the Third Position on the Meme Coin Chart in 2024

The bullish sentiments in the crypto market have brought luck to Pepe too, which has jumped 7.13% over the last twenty-four hours and 34.13% over the month. With the crypto market awaiting a series of bull runs in the coming weeks, investors are holding strong onto their green frogs. 

But can Pepe live up to the expectations? Or, will it lose the spotlight to new meme coins like Meme Kombat ($MK)? 

Pepe Has More Steam Left

The recent performance of Pepe shows that the meme coin has more steam left for a resurgence. It wouldn’t be surprising to see it reclaim some of its lost value over the next few rallies. 

At one point in December, Pepe jumped close to $0.0000017, showing strong signs of a rebound. Despite the recent downturn, the token is expected to put forward more rallies in the coming weeks. 

Pepe’s explosive trajectory bringing a 5x return is expected to revitalize the broader meme coin market. The sentiments on social media are also turning green, hinting that a steep rally is on the horizon.

New Meme Coins Pose Fierce Competition

Pepe is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies of 2023. The meme coin brought new vigor to the market with its odd mission to stay unabashedly ‘useless and purposeless’. 

As one would expect, Pepe spread like fire and meme coins were back on the hot list in no time. But Pepe has lost 67.29% of its value since hitting an all-time high in May. What most meme coin investors fail to notice is that despite a $599M market cap, Pepe has slipped down to the 101st position on the global crypto chart. 

Pepe one-month price action, CoinMarketCap

Much of it can be attributed to the fierce competition from new meme coins like Bonk, Dogwifhat, and Meme Kombat. While Bonk and Dogwifhat are short-term sensations that explore new meme coin themes, Meme Kombat is backed by a creative GambleFi ecosystem. 

That suggests that Pepe’s wild reputation may be able to withstand competition from new alternatives that are equally ‘useless’. But it’s a different story when it comes to utility-based meme coin projects like Meme Kombat, which has chosen GambleFi as its preferred niche.

GambleFi is one of the most trending crypto niches of 2023. The massive success of Rollbit (7160% over the year) was an eye-opener for investors who never dared to venture beyond blockchain and meme tokens. Meme Kombat’s unique fusion of GambleFi and AI in meme coins is expected to spark one of the biggest bull runs in the crypto market next year. 

In that case, with little more than hype and speculation supporting its value, it doesn’t look like Pepe will be able to hold on to the third position on the meme coin chart for longer. 


Pepe Investors Back Meme Kombat for the Next 50X Pump 

Dozens of new meme coins surface in the market every few weeks. And a surprisingly large share of them fade into oblivion within the next few days. Known for their short shelf life, it is hard for meme coins to make their mark. 

The meme coin chart is topped by Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and Pepe now. To break into this category, new entrants will need more than just a refreshing theme. Meme Kombat provides that. 

The new meme coin comes with cutting-edge utility in GambleFi, tapping into blockchain and AI capabilities. The remarkable success of the Meme Kombat presale that is now past $4.9M hints at the project’s growth potential. 

Meme Kombat introduces a battle arena where participants bet on AI-augmented fights between meme characters. Participants need to stake their GambleFi tokens to get access to the challenges. 

The utility has viral potential, given the nature of these battles. The first season of Meme Kombat, set to go live soon after the presale and the token launch, will feature 11 meme icons. 

The Investment Outlook of Meme Kombat

Meme Kombat puts forward a unique use case that combines the three hottest trends in the crypto market – AI, GambleFi, and meme coins. It gives the project viral potential and has earned exciting predictions from crypto analysts. 

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There are several reasons why Meme Kombat could become the top meme coin next year, and potentially showcase a 100X performance. To seize the best returns, investors should not miss the ongoing presale, which provides the cheapest entry into the investment. 

Some analysts like Chosen 1s feature Meme Kombat in the potential 1000x meme coin category. If the boldly optimistic prediction turns out to be right, a $1000 investment in Meme Kombat tokens would become a fortune of $1 million. 

Even if the project doesn’t fetch 1000x gains in a year, it has the potential to enter the top-3 meme coin chart. Not just because of its unique use cases with viral potential but also its doxxed team and smart contract audit. 

$MK tokens are selling for  $0.268 in the current presale stage. In the next stages, the price will mark incremental rises. 


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