Forget BONK and FLOKI, These Meme Coins Are Next in Line For a Pump

The crypto market is showing signs of a rebound. With modest gains and pronounced losses, meme coins are in the spotlight. As always, they continue to be volatile.

While established meme coins like DOGE, SHIB, BONK, and FLOKI are struggling to make their way back up, Meme Kombat and Sponge are bucking the trend. In fact, they have been cashing in on the downtrend. What’s behind the odd phenomenon? 

Here is an analysis. 

A Clear Downward Trajectory is Forming

The performance of meme coins has been disappointing over the last few days. Even BONK, which charted a new all-time high in Dec 2023, is on a descent. The fleeting surges are deceiving, given that a clear downward trajectory is forming.

BONK 1-year price action, source: CoinMarketCap

For better clarity, the token is a victim of a substantial decline of 65% since hitting its all-time high. Floki, on the other hand, is slowly making its way out of the competition. Having lost 19.15% of its price over the last thirty days, the meme coin is down to a market cap of just $272,754,62.

Although BONK boasts a much higher market cap of $705M, it has been continuously shedding its value. PEPE is in no better place.

PEPE 1-year price action, source: CoinMarketCap

To save themselves from the impending collapse, meme coin investors are looking for new alternatives. While meme coins are excellent tools for making quick money, they prove to be hazardous in the long run. One of the key reasons behind this decay is the lack of focus on purpose and utility, which is crucial to etching the long-term market relevance of an asset. 

Speculation and FOMO won’t be enough for meme coin icons to withstand growing competition. New projects that come with more compelling themes and use cases are overshadowing them. 

Investors Seek New Alternatives

Meme coin investors are looking for greener pastures as the chaos unfolds. Two promising assets that have caught their attention are Meme Kombat ($MK) and Sponge ($SPONGE)

The presale progress of Meme Kombat, which crossed $7.7M in the bear market, hints at the massive potential of the token. If the growing FOMO around the token is any sign, an exponential meme coin pump is on the way.

Sponge, on the other hand, is known for its nearly 100X pump last year. The meme coin is planning to expand its niche this year into play-to-earn. Ahead of it, the token will move to its second version called SPONGEV2. Attractive bonuses await investors who bridge SPONGE now. 

A common characteristic shared by the two projects is their focus beyond the hype factor of meme coins. While hype and FOMO help, they can’t save a meme coin from its doomsday. Only utility and market relevance can retain and appreciate the value of a token. A robust ecosystem is integral to ensuring that.

Both Meme Kombat and SPONGE focus on this aspect of their existence. They put their meme coin packaging to better use. 

Meme Kombat: An AI-Powered Virtual Battle Arena

While $BONK and $FLOKI are bracing for more price corrections, Meme Kombat has been welcoming a growing influx of investors into its presale. 

Meme Kombat is developing a GambleFi platform, centered around an AI-powered battle arena where iconic meme coins engage in combats for victory. It offers a fresh perspective on the GambleFi market, traditionally dominated by casino and sports betting platforms. 

Here, $MK token holders can bet on the outcomes of AI-powered meme battles. Right predictions earn participants attractive rewards. 

Meme coins in the battle arena are characterized by unique strengths, weaknesses, and attack animations. Participants can opt to wager on Player versus Player (PvP) matchups against other participants or engage in Player versus Game (PvGame) battles against an AI opponent. 

Dynamic and engaging, Meme Kombat carves a new path in the evolving landscape of GameFi and GambleFi. 

Meme Kombat Season 1 will launch shortly after the conclusion of its presale, helping the meme coin continue its upward trajectory. Passive staking is live during the presale. The APY is compelling at around 121% now. 

Popular crypto analysts and experts are optimistic about the meme coin. The broader social sentiment around the token, on the other hand, is euphoric, fortifying the probability of a pump on its debut token listing. 

To buy $MK tokens for the presale price before the exchange listing, visit the official Meme Kombat website

Can SPONGE Repeat History?

SPONGE has gained 45% over the last thirty days. But it has more steam left, with some exciting milestones ahead. 

The first of these is the launch of SPONGEV2. The next is the launch of the play-to-earn game, likely themed around SpongeBob SquarePants TV show. Given the records set by the first version of the token, SPONGEV2 has a bright journey ahead. 

Investors now have the opportunity to bridge their SPONGE tokens to SPONGEV2 with attractive token bonuses. More details about the stake-to-bridge portal and how it works are available on the official SPONGE website

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