Forget Bitcoin, Traders Are Piling Into Kaspa: Top Trader Explains Why KAS Price Can Hit $4.5 Mark

Kaspa ($KAS) has shown remarkable strength against Bitcoin ($BTC), is now being touted as a potential top performer in the current market cycle.

Kaspa’s performance has been so impressive that some traders have been selling their Bitcoin holdings to invest in $KAS. The currency’s strength is evident in its consistent performance, even in a bear market, leading many to believe that it could potentially outperform Bitcoin.

One of the key factors contributing to Kaspa’s success is its fair launch at a $0 market cap. This approach has allowed for completely organic growth, with 70% of the coins already in circulation. This fast emissions schedule was designed to account for the inevitable creation of ASICs for Kaspa.

The currency’s trading pattern is so textbook that it has raised eyebrows in some quarters. However, this is simply a result of its fair launch and organic growth, rather than any underlying issues. In fact, the more one delves into Kaspa, the more it appears to be a solid investment.

Kaspa has recently broken into the top 52 market cap coins according to CoinGecko, a significant achievement that has been met with increased buying power. The currency’s performance has been so strong that there is speculation it could break its all-time high in the near future.

The Potential for $4.50+

Kaspa’s potential is further highlighted by a crypto trader when considering its supply. With a max supply of 28.7 billion coins, it is less than Cardano’s circulating supply at its all-time high. This suggests that targets for Kaspa, such as $3.00 – $5.00, would require a similar level of capital inflow to what Cardano achieved at its peak.

If Kaspa were to experience the same level of growth as Cardano, it could potentially reach a price tag of $4.00+, considering its max supply and expected mining emission schedule.

Kaspa’s fundamentals are equally impressive. It is the first proof-of-work to achieve a block time of 1 block per second, a world record that it is set to break again with the launch of 10 blocks per second on the mainnet.

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Kaspa is built with the same ethos as Bitcoin, aiming to create a stateless money that can scale. The introduction of smart contracts will allow Kaspa to support the first truly decentralized economy at scale, offering usable, low-cost, fast, efficient applications built on a network as fairly launched and operated as Bitcoin’s.

In the last 24 hours, Kaspa ($KAS) has seen a price increase of 9.1%, with a trading volume of $21,619,410.22. The price of Kaspa is currently $0.041357351391. The 24-hour low and high for Kaspa were $0.0037568813553 and $0.0042429658986 respectively.

In conclusion, Kaspa’s potential is undeniable. It is not only capable of reaching valuations similar to Cardano, but it could potentially see even higher valuations in the long term. The Kaspa community has created something truly remarkable, and it is undoubtedly one of the most exciting developments in the crypto world today.

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