FLEX is Up 65% Over the Past Week, Can These 3 Altcoins Follow?

The crypto market has had a pretty solid week, all things considered. While Bitcoin appears to be struggling to cross that all-important $30,000 mark, it looks like it is in a position to do that in the near future, and all the signs are there for a future bull run.

During this time, it has been FLEX that has seen one of the largest increases in recent weeks. The token, which is linked to a futures exchange, experienced a 65% increase in rise in the last seven days. 

While investors are certainly going gaga over this token, they may actually find themselves in a better position if they looked at 3 other altcoins, namely XRP20 (XRP20), Wall St Memes (WSM), and Shibie Coin (SHIBIE). We explain why here.

Why is FLEX Going Up in Value?

FLEX is a token of the CoinFLEX futures exchange, and both have been in the news in 2023 a fair bit. The most recent bit of news, which is the reason behind its massive jump in the past week, is the fact that the OPNX exchange made an offer to take over 75% of beleaguered crypto lender Hodlnaut. The latter filed for bankruptcy and the OPNX’s funds injection of nearly $30 million in FLEX will partially cover creditors’ payout and outstanding claims.

Currently, FLEX is trading for about $6.9, having reached a 7-day peak of $7.7. The token looks good going forward as well, as proven by other developments that have taken place recently. 

CoinFLEX was founded by Mark Lamb and Sudhu Arumugam, who are also the co-founders of OPNX. The FLEX token is used in the OPNX ecosystem as well. 

However, it is worth noting that Hodlnaut’s creditors will have to approve the deal. It remains to be seen if this will happen.

As such, it is worth turning one’s attention to other tokens that might have a more significant impact with longer staying power. Those tokens are XRP20, WSM, and SHIBIE, all of which are worth keeping an eye on for different reasons.

Why Are These Other Tokens So Important?

Before we dive into the details of the aforementioned projects, it is worth talking more about the general trends that are proving why these tokens will have an important place in the market. 

Let’s start with the obvious trend which covers two tokens on this list: meme coins. This niche is experiencing a resurgence in 2023, with tokens like PEPE and SPONGE in particular driving investors wild. However, WSM and SHIBIE are both looking like they can top both PEPE and SPONGE – and even push the meme coin niche forward a little bit.

Then there are tokens that are changing the nature of already well-established tokens. XRP20 is just this kind of token and you can already take a pretty good guess as to which token it is an evolution of. 

Crypto investors have taken note of these trends and tokens like this, which is why the presales of XRP20, WSM, and Shibie have been flourishing. Let’s take a deep dive into the tokens and projects now so you yourself get to know more.

Say Hello To The Next Generation of XRP with XRP20

XRP20 (XRP20) is one of the more interesting projects to arrive in recent times. The token uses the ERC-20 and of course, it takes cues from the original XRP token developed by Ripple Labs. For individuals who were unable to participate in the original token’s considerable rise, this new venture offers a chance. It’s vital to understand that XRP20 is a separate initiative from XRP and Ripple Labs.

The token is currently undergoing its presale, with the price of the XRP20 coin being $0.000092. The project’s goal is to fund up to $3,680,000, with the presale aiming to hit a minimum soft cap of $1,850,000. There is a strong chance for good returns here if XRP’s historical performance is anything to go by. It’s already managed to raise nearly $950,000.

The method of token distribution has been carefully worked out to promote long-term growth and reward active involvement. 40% of the total supply will be used for the presale, while the remaining 40% will go toward the project’s staking pool. XRP20 also burns 0.1% of each purchase and sell transaction over time, making it a deflationary coin. Contrary to XRP, no tokens have been set aside for the team or founders, guaranteeing that everyone who participates has an equal chance.

There’s also a lot in store for the future.

The XRP20 roadmap has a strong focus on community engagement and establishing growth in value. The team will turn its attention to pre-launch marketing and burn activation to increase the token’s scarcity before its introduction on a decentralized exchange (DEX). This will take place after the presale is over. After the launch, developments will include community staking, which will no doubt encourage a great influx of investors. For more updates, it’s best to check out the XRP20 Telegram group and Twitter account

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$21 Million and Counting – Wall St Memes is The Hottest Presale Around

Wall Street Memes (WSM) is notable because it deftly integrates the financial sector, internet culture, and meme-based humor. Its primary objective is to parody and criticize the conventional financial system while allowing individuals to invest in cryptocurrencies, particularly meme coins.

Fundamentally, Wall Street Memes presents its own cryptocurrency, the $WSM token, enabling users to partake in speculative investments like those on Wall Street but with a lighthearted and irreverent twist. People can support the initiative and perhaps make money using meme-based cryptocurrencies by joining the Wall Street Memes group and purchasing $WSM.

Wall Street Memes’ big and well-established community, which is present on several social media platforms, is a distinguishing characteristic that sets it apart and creates a solid foundation for its rapid expansion. 

The WSM token is priced at $0.0328 per token right now in the presale stage, with hopes to raise it to $0.0331 in the following stage. Despite having only been around for a short while, the project has received impressive support, generating nearly $22 million during the presale, demonstrating its broad appeal.

ETH or USDT are the two accepted payment options for anyone looking to purchase the token. The WSM team places a strong emphasis on transparency and offers in-depth details regarding the tokenomics of the project. Of the total token supply, 50% is allocated for the presale, 30% is set aside for community awards, and the remaining 20% is split equally between CEX and DEX liquidity.

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Shibie Coin is Your New Fav Lady Doge-Like

Investors are clamoring to participate in the Shibie Coin (SHIBIE) initiative, which combines the unique charm of the Shiba Inu with the timeless elegance of Barbie in a single token. The creative union of these two cultural titans will push the boundaries of the cryptocurrency industry and result in a project that combines entertaining content with a strategic investment plan.

The token describes itself as “the nasty bombshell bitch of the cryptocurrency industry”. Through a strategically placed, funny experience for investors, she will inspire you to question the accepted conventions in the cryptocurrency field. It’s certainly a one-of-a-kind token, filled with confidence, humor, and other meme-worthy qualities. 

Shibie aspires to recreate the amazing SHIB price increase while exemplifying a vibrant and zealous sense of community. Shibie aims to place her initiative on par with the popular Shiba Inu and Barbie brands through her own blend of zeal and sophistication.

The project’s presale includes everything that is needed ground to encourage participation and ensure investors’ long-term potential. SHIBIE is currently priced at $0.000167 in the presale, with a hard cap of $999,999. There is only one day left in the current presale, so get in quick! The project also incorporates an AI-powered Telegram Bot to provide another entertaining element and give community members information about the ecosystem.

SHIBIE is undoubtedly a great meme token. It has a distinctive personality, strong community vibes, and a highly effective marketing strategy.

Check Out Shibie Coin (SHIBIE)


The crypto market is looking like it’s going to have a strong few months ahead. We advise keeping an eye on XRP20, WSM, and SHIBIE, as they all have the potential to explode. Their presales are running out quickly, so the sooner the better. Don’t forget to check out their social channels as well.

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