Failed Big Eyes ICO Investors Move to Golden Inu’s Verified Presale To Recover

Big Eyes Coin, one of the most hyped and anticipated memecoins of 2023 could be “dead on arrival” — failing to survive not even six months in the cryptocurrency market.  The $BIG token has lost nearly 100% of its original value in less than one fiscal month.

Launched in March, the token gained some momentum with a relatively large following and interesting projects. But since then, nothing but failures and disappointments for its investors. 

Since its coin offering, the token lost over 90% of its value, meaning that for every $100.00  invested in $BIG, holders walked away with less than ten bucks for their efforts. 

To make things worse, a quick visit on the currency’s official Twitter page’s comments shows hundreds of less-than-pleased investors claiming that they never received the tokens they’ve paid for.

This development sheds light on how the memecoin market can be incredibly profitable — but only after due research so investors can buy tokens from safe and secure projects.

Golden Inu Memecoin Knocking Out Big Eyes Token, In terms of Value & project development

Big Eyes Investors Moving to Golden Inu’s Two Tokens

This catastrophic failure of the $BIG token paved the way for part of its community to move over to a more promising and definitely more secure token.

The Golden Inu Token, currently boasting as the most profitable memecoin of the month of June after 640% gains, is becoming the home for frustrated Big Eyes investors. 

Unlike the cat-inspired meme token, Golden Inu provides investors with a more secure investment. 

The original $GOLDEN token launched on the BNB Chain in February has been in the market longer than $BIG — and since then, not only did the currency show no signs of rug-pulling, but it also rewarded its investors with over 1000% yields. 

The currency is audited by two separate crypto-security companies [details here], Contract Wolf and AssureDefi — passing all of the audits with the highest security ratings.

In addition, the project’s tokenomics make it impossible for any ill-intended action. Part of the token’s liquidity is locked for 10 years, developers are unable to mint tokens after deployment, and they are also unable to pause or change the fees of any ongoing contract. 

Golden Inu’s roadmap is also a testament on how the crypto is not looking to go anywhere but up. 

The team behind the project is actively working on launching a new play-to-earn game “Golden Inuverse”, as well as several utility-strong projects like a decentralized exchange, a DeWork marketplace and much more. 

$GOLDEN New ICO Presale For Ethereum Blockchain Users

Perhaps the most promising investment of the year is Golden Inu’s coin offering on the Ethereum Blockchain. 

With only 6 days left, the presale has already garnered over 4 quadrillion $GOLDEN tokens. The new version of Golden Inu’s token will launch on July 12 on Uniswap.

When compared to the launch on the BNB Chain in February, ERC-20 $GOLDEN could result in +10000% gains in just a couple of weeks for investors.   However, this is for those who joined the presale before the ending of the second round of the offering.

Golden Inu’s presale passed US$120,000 just 2 days ago.  It’s since reached nearly $150,000 and could explode to nearly double this amount before the ICO’s close.

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