Experts Predict Altcoin Pump Following ETF Approval — Top 3 Altcoins For Your Watchlist


  • The ongoing Rebel Satoshi ($RBLZ) blockchain ICO enters Monarchs Round 4, having successfully sold over 101 million $RBLZ tokens.
  • Celestia (TIA) could soar to $22.55 by February.
  • Injective (INJ) bulls predict that INJ will reach $50.51 soon.

Injective maintains a bullish stance despite a recent marginal dip. However, analysts are now pondering whether the emergence of Celestia could impact Injective’s momentum. Interestingly, holders of TIA and INJ are exploring $RBLZ as its presale enters Monarchs Round 4. Can $RBLZ ascend to become one of the top crypto coins? Let’s find out.

Celestia Price Prediction: Growing Collaborations Could Spur TIA’s Surge

On January 11, the gaming platform Ancient 8 revealed the enhancement of Ancient 8 Chain with the integration of Celestia underneath. This collaboration with Celestia empowers gaming developers on Ancient 8 to create entirely on-chain experiences and attract new waves of users, previously limited by throughput constraints.

This announcement has caused a buzz in Celestia’s ecosystem, but TIA is yet to experience a significant uptick. TIA traded at $16.26 on January 10, but it dropped to $16.04, signaling a marginal 1.37% dip. Meanwhile, market experts predict a substantial upturn for Celestia because of its impressive surge since its launch. Hence, they expect TIA to reach $22.55 by the end of January.

On the flip side, market analysts are bearish about Celestia as the TIA weekly price chart is yet to close above the 200-day Moving Average. Thus, they believe TIA could drop to $15.11 in the next two weeks.

Injective Price Prediction: Will The Latest Update Fuel INJ’s Surge?

On January 10, the Injective launchpad SuperApp, announced its listing on Friday by 10:00 am UTC. Over the previous weeks, Injective’s community has been abuzz because of the innovations in its ecosystem.

As of January 10, INJ was valued at $40.86, but it dropped to $38.71 on January 11, signaling a 5.26% dip for INJ. Despite this dip, Injective bulls expect INJ to surge to $50.51 by early February.

Conversely, some experts foresee a negative trend for Injective for the next few weeks. This negative TIA price prediction is a result of signals from the Relative Strength Index. Thus, they expect INJ to drop to $36.12 by the next two weeks.

Rebel Satoshi Calls on Top ICO Investors to Join its Decentralization Movement

Rebel Satoshi believes that the essence of decentralization has been overshadowed and, like many others, aims to address this issue. Rebel Satoshi introduces an ecosystem offering meme coin benefits and opportunities for wealth creation, attracting like-minded individuals who share the belief that traditional methods of blockchain companies are outdated.

The primary objective of the platform is to establish fairness by constructing a fully decentralized network where value is equitably distributed. At the core of the project are various value-creation services, including NFT trading, coin staking, and play-to-earn gaming. Rebel Satoshi also encompasses social and community benefits typically associated with meme coins.

Early adopters of $RBLZ gain automatic entry into the Rebellion Secret Council, providing them access to exclusive meetings and project updates. The platform also encourages early supporters of $RBLZ to submit their most amusing memes for a chance to be featured in its community gallery.

The cryptocurrency ICO of Rebel Satoshi kicked off with considerable enthusiasm. The presale’s Rebels Round 1 sold out within ten days, followed by the Warriors Round 2, which reached full capacity within 15 days.

Currently, in Monarchs Round 4 with a token value of $0.022, $RBLZ is projected to rise by 13.64% to $0.025 in the next presale round. All attention is now focused on $RBLZ’s imminent decentralized exchange launch scheduled for February.

For the latest updates and more information, be sure to visit the official Rebel Satoshi Presale Website or contact Rebel Red via Telegram

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