Expert Picks: 5 Altcoins, Including ATOM and LINK, to Monitor This Week

With October underway, savvy crypto traders closely watch for developments that could impact token prices. Analyst DeFi Investor shared his watchlist for the week ahead, flagging events that may catalyze key ecosystem projects. His picks highlight potential opportunities around upcoming conferences, product launches, and incentives.

Cosmos takes center stage as its flagship Cosmoverse conference kicks off October 2nd. As the ecosystem’s largest gathering, announcements tied to Cosmos and interoperability are likely. DeFi Investor eyes the native Atom token as a prime beneficiary if bullish news emerges.

In the same vein, Chainlink’s SmartCon event starting October 2nd also promises reveals given the network’s focus on real-world integration. Any major adoption partnerships could boost interest in the Link token underpinning Chainlink’s decentralized Oracle services.

Elsewhere, Radiant Capital’s long-awaited expansion to Ethereum takes effect on October 3rd. The lending and leverage protocol previewed opportunities for its native RDNT token to gain utility and liquidity through multi-chain deployment.

On the incentives front, Arbitrum’s approval of a $50 million ecosystem fund sparked rallies for projects on the scaling network. DeFi Investor notes activity has already jumped 50% in a week as developers prepare to tap into the subsidies.

Finally, decentralized exchange dYdX’s cosmo-based upgrade looms large. With dYdX v4 built atop Cosmos, speculation is mounting that it may announce a launch timeline at Cosmoverse. The potential milestone would position its DDX governance token to gain from boosted usage.

Of course, timing and impact remain unpredictable as teams balance hype with realistic delivery timelines. But by identifying upcoming catalyst events, traders gain a valuable edge in anticipating industry shifts.

The week spotlights the importance of tracking ecosystem milestones beyond market changes. Fundamentals like product launches and adoption news exert a powerful influence on prices when executed successfully.

With so many moving parts across protocols, keeping eyes trained on the horizon helps traders capitalize on positive momentum. DeFi Investor’s watchlist synthesizes complex dynamics into actionable intelligence for nimble participants.

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Vignesh Karunanidhi
Vignesh Karunanidhi

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