eTukTuk’s mission towards zero emission paves $TUK token

Introduction to eTukTuk

eTukTuk is a sustainable, environmentally friendly, and innovative transportation system that leverages AI and blockchain technologies to provide affordable and green solutions. The main goal of eTuktuk is to eliminate economic gaps in developing countries. The increasing recognition of the brand and the expected exchange listing of the $TUK tokens drive the demand for eTukTuk’s ecosystem and tokens. 

Furthermore, the platform also plans to introduce a play-to-earn game with exciting rewards, which is as exciting as it sounds. In this article, we will discuss the mission of eTukTuk towards zero carbon emission by leveraging $TUK tokens and why investors should be a part of the blockchain program.

History behind eTukTuk

eTukTuk has taken five years to finally step into its mission to introduce electric vehicle (EV) transportation to developing countries through scalable and sustainable EV-powered solutions. The project aims to allow investors to participate in a greener AI and Blockchain revolution by building a robust and dynamic multi-revenue system, empowering the balance between innovation and sustainability. The world has more than 270 million vehicles, including TukTuks, that emit carbon dioxide beyond the permissible levels. 

Moreover, many countries have increased the cost of fossil fuels by almost 50%, making it difficult for struggling drivers to earn a minimum wage. So far, no country has taken up a sustainable, interoperable, environmentally friendly, scalable solution. eTukTuk is probably the only platform that aims to build an affordable chain of charging stations and electric vehicles to help countries tackle climate change, air pollution, and other health conditions caused by carbon emissions.

Vision & mission of eTukTuk

While aiming to reduce air pollution, eTukTuk also aims to reduce the economic gap in developing countries by offering eco-friendly and affordable transport solutions. It leverages blockchain and AI technologies to create “revolutionary” in the transport industry. The use of blockchain technology and new-age transport solutions could bring scalability and security to the industry.

Besides providing budget-friendly charging stations and electric vehicles, the platform also aims to create financial opportunities and digitize identities for everyone, especially for TukTuk drivers and regions where these vehicles are the main mode of transportation. 

Moreover, it has dedicated applications for both Passengers and Drivers, aiming to simplify payment processes required for using $TUK tokens. Overall, with these groundbreaking features, eTukTuk is all set to reshape the global industry of transportation, promoting financial inclusivity and greener energy.

$TUK Presale: The core of eTukTuk

1. Early access to $TUK tokens

eTukTuk’s BEP20-type $TUK token is available on the BNB Smart Chain with a maximum supply of 2 billion tokens. Currently, the token is in its presale, valued at $0.024 per token. The presale phase accounts only for about 0.5% of the total supply and is exclusively secured for early birds, offering $TUK at a substantially 40% discounted price. 

Once the community sale is over, the presale will begin, taking up 9.75% of the tokens, and will occur in multiple stages at a slightly discounted price than the previous stages. Soon after the $TUK presale ends, eTukTuk plans for a public sale where the estimated price of the token will stand at $0.04, around 5% of the total circulating tokens.

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2. Potential for greater profit with $TUK

Early adopters and investors of $TUK have great potential to earn profits by staking in eTukTuk’s $TUK. The platform has crossed a mind-blowing milestone by reaching more than $100,000. This shows the effect eTukTuk has made on the $TUK tribe, projecting the kind of dedication and support that people have towards the sustainable transport project to build a better world for every individual.

3. eTukTuk play-to-earn game rewards

Besides providing a sustainable solution to the transport industry, eTukTuk also brings a play-to-earn blockchain-based game to the table in a Crazy Taxi style where drivers can whiz around the lanes of Sri Lanka and earn rewards. The game involves taking passengers from their pick-up location and dropping them off at their chosen destination in the shortest period. 

The quicker the drivers drive their car, the greater the rewards they earn by playing the eTukTuk P2E game. The platform also mentions upgrades players can make on their vehicles and their ability to unlock new places and cities. More information related to the eTukTuk gaming rewards will be posted soon.

What sets eTukTuk apart from others?

In the ever-evolving digital world, eTukTuk has captured the driving force behind innovative and transformative solutions by harnessing the benefits of blockchain to overcome the drawbacks of traditional payment, technology, and transport systems. What sets eTukTuk apart from other platforms in this industry is the use of AI-powered blockchain technology integrated into the eTukTuk ecosystem, thereby enhancing transparency. All transactions delivered within eTukTuk are stored securely, offering unprecedented transparency and adding a layer of security and accountability.

Moreover, with improved transparency, true traceability can be achieved. The ecosystem makes it possible to trace every transaction, allowing authorities to easily audit and monitor them and ensuring a lawful and robust environment for every participant involved.

Additionally, the blockchain-powered eTukTuk ecosystem fosters the creation of a sharing economy through eTukTuk’s staking mechanism, allowing every participant to earn rewards. This feature incentivizes user engagement and allows collaborations to take place, thereby creating a truly democratic and sharing economy.


To conclude, after planning and working endlessly for five years, eTukTuk has finally initiated its project to eliminate carbon emissions from our daily use of vehicles, especially TukTuks. It has launched EVs and charging stations in Sri Lanka. It is continuously working to launch operations in other countries, including India, Thailand, and Africa, where these tricycle vehicles are popular. The project recently also started its $TUK presale, allowing investors to chip in $TUK tokens to get significant rewards as the network expands in the future.

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