eTukTuk Gathers Momentum as EV Solution Set to Roll Out In Sri Lanka Before Global Expansion – Buy $TUK and Earn Rewards

The eTukTuk presale continues to gather momentum as the EV solution is set to roll out in Sri Lanka to develop the blueprint before a global expansion.

Investing in the $TUK token gains exposure to this revolutionary sustainability project for the developing world, providing rewards as the EV charging infrastructure grows.

With the presale raising over $195,000, it’s clear that early adopters are backing this project as a disruptive force in the EV sector, believing 100x long-term returns are possible.

eTukTuk Continues to Gather Momentum After Raising $195,000

The $TUK token presale continues to gather momentum after raising $195,000 in a few short weeks, demonstrating the building hype behind this project.

Rooted in the real world, eTukTuk is one of the only Web3 projects bringing a suite of EV solutions to the developing world.

The project has been described as the most important sustainability platform this decade for the developing world as it pushes the underprivileged economy into a sustainable future.

With the World Health Organization predicting health crises due to elevated pollution levels, eTukTuk wants to do its little part by helping reduce carbon emissions.

It plans to help the shift to sustainable transportation in the developing world through its groundbreaking three-wheeler EV.

While Tesla continues to dominate the EV market in the developed world, its technology remains inaccessible to developing countries due to its high prices.

eTukTuk wants to take the mantle and become the leader in the EV space for developing economies.

The project seeks to roll out its solution in Sri Lanka later this year to set the blueprint before executing its global expansion plan to enter neighboring countries.

With the two and three-wheeler EV market expected to become the largest by 2030, eTukTuk is establishing itself as a leader in the market by targeting the sector early.

As a result, having exposure to the $TUK token provides you with the best opportunity to get positioned in the TESLA of the developing world.

Groundbreaking EV Design Set to Change Standards

eTukTuk has spent over five years perfecting its three-wheeler tuk-tuk design and is ready to roll out its first batch later this year.

The eTukTuk is built to be safer and more reliable than traditional tuk-tuks, with a patented roll cage design and an LFP battery.

Furthermore, the vehicle can be locally manufactured with just 200 components, reducing production costs and creating local jobs.

As a result of the decreased manufacturing costs and operational expenditure, eTukTuk estimates a 78% reduction in costs for drivers and a 400% increase in take-home pay.

In addition, eTukTuk will introduce a network of charging stations that form the ecosystem for the $TUK token.

The project will use Territory Partners to reduce start-up inefficiencies and help strategically place charging stations in local countries.

eTukTuk has partnered with the Capital Maharaja Group (CMG) as its Territory Partner in Sri Lanka.

The number one privately held conglomerate will help expedite the charging infrastructure rollout to ensure frequency and accessibility for drivers to drive their vehicles.

AI-Integration With Play-2-Earn Game Incoming

eTukTuk is also leveraging AI technology to improve its design.

The project will use AI to increase driver efficiency by helping optimize driving routes through the Driver application to minimize battery consumption.

The AI will help to plan routes to avoid traffic and help extend the mileage for each charge.

Furthermore, eTukTuk also intends to launch a Crazy Taxi-styled play-to-earn game to promote its ecosystem and reward players.

Users will be tasked to pick up and drop off passengers in the game while avoiding traffic and keeping their batteries charged to earn rewards.

Buy $TUK Today and Earn Rewards.

$TUK is your gateway to this transportation revolution, providing you with rewards every time a driver charges their vehicle.

The utility token will form the backbone of the ecosystem, and stakers will earn a greater yield every time the charging infrastructure expands and more drivers charge their vehicles.

With over $195,000 raised in the presale, it’s evident that early adopters are backing this revolutionary project as a long-term gainer in their portfolios.

Currently, $TUK can be purchased for $0.0245.

However, the rising pricing strategy means those buying earlier benefit from the lower entry price.

Overall, eTukTuk is a groundbreaking solution for the forgotten developing world, helping to fuel the transportation revolution and provide long-term rewards for buyers.

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