Ethereum Price Prediction for 2023: 2 Meme Coins That Can Top ETH in Yearly Gains

The crypto market is holding at its current state and investors are desperate for a strong push towards higher support levels. Among the major tokens that have done well in recent weeks is Ethereum (ETH), which has had a strong 2023 for the most part.

The token has seen a roughly 60% rise since the start of the year which is remarkable as usually it’s just altcoins that see this kind of upward movement.

Having said that, altcoins still remain the top choices for those looking for the biggest gains in any given year. The only trouble is that truly good altcoins can be hard to find so investors may be cagey about their investments – and this is why CaptainAltcoin exists. 

Here we offer insights into two altcoins that are currently hosting their presales, and which have the potential to completely upend the meme coin niche. They have stunned the crypto community without the amount of money they’re raising and have the potential to grow exponentially after listings.

These tokens are Wall St Memes (WSM) and Thug Life Token (THUG). Let’s jump right into what they are and the details of their presales.

ETH Price Prediction for 2023

As mentioned earlier, ETH has had a pretty solid 2023. It’s even beaten bitcoin in this regard and many analysts see $10,000 as a realistic target in the long-term. Even Cameron Winklevoss’ deal terms to the Digital Currency Group (DCG) suggest that this is the target. 

Some analysts are doom and gloom but consider this: ETH is 2.5% up over 30 days, and whale holdings have actually grown by a few million over the last few months (it’s currently 34.5 million.) Furthermore, over 60% of investors have made profits. 

Still, while long-term projections might be positive, we must consider an ETH prediction for 2023. The price of ETH doesn’t look like it has quite stabliized yet, which leaves us the problem of whether it can be the best crypto investment of 2023. Currently, ETH’s price is just under $1,920, which is considered a support level. The next major milestone is around the $2,500 range, which will act as a major barrier but it’s nothing a strong bull run can’t manage. Following that, it’s $2,800 and then $3,000.

The general advice is to wait for the weekly candle to hold above the $2,120 range. If it falls back below $1,890, then it’s less positive for ETH. 

While there are some doubts about ETH’s near-term future, there is absolutely no doubt about how well WSM and THUG can do. These two meme coins have been all anyone has been talking about and with good reason.

WSM has raised over $12.6 million in its presale, while THUG has amassed hundreds of thousands in mere days. They’re both shaping up to be some of the biggest gainers of 2023 – even bigger than PEPE (and with more staying power).

Wall St Memes Crosses a Whopping $12.6 Million in Presale

The first altcoin to consider over ETH is Wall St Memes (WSM), a stunning meme coin token that has rapidly built a vast community. The fact that it has raised over $12.6 million in its presale is a testament to its potential. Upon listing, this could go much higher than other meme coin projects. 

The project has emerged as a distinctive platform or community, originating from the GameStop controversy and the Wall Street Bets movement. It combines elements of internet culture, meme-based humor, and the financial industry. The primary goal of Wall Street Memes is to satirize and critique the traditional financial system, while also providing individuals with an opportunity to participate in cryptocurrency investments, particularly focusing on meme coins.

In essence, Wall Street Memes embodies the movement by introducing its own cryptocurrency called the $WSM token. This token enables individuals to engage in speculative investments similar to those seen on Wall Street, but with a comedic and irreverent twist.

By joining the Wall Street Memes community and investing in $WSM, individuals can demonstrate their support for the movement and potentially earn profits from meme-based cryptocurrencies.

All the WSM Presale Details

The presale phase of the WSM token is currently underway, offering the token at a price of $0.0310, with an upcoming increase to $0.0313. The WSM team has unveiled the tokenomics for the WSM token. In the presale phase, 50% of the token supply has been allocated, with 30% dedicated to community rewards and the remaining 20% evenly distributed between CEX and DEX liquidity.

Additionally, there is an exciting airdrop event scheduled for the WSM token. Participants can qualify for the airdrop by actively joining and participating in the various social channels associated with WSM. Holding and trading WSM tokens also make individuals eligible for this opportunity.

Wall St Memes distinguishes itself through several compelling factors. Firstly, it boasts a large and active community across multiple social media platforms, providing a solid foundation for rapid growth and expansion. The project’s previous interaction with Elon Musk further enhances its credibility and recognition, which can have a significant impact on the trajectory of a meme coin.

Moreover, the substantial and engaged community increases the likelihood of Wall St Memes being listed on a prominent tier 1 exchange, which is crucial for future growth and visibility in the cryptocurrency market. Considering these factors, WSM is poised to emerge as the leading meme coin of the year, a remarkable achievement.

Thug Life Token Raises Hundreds of Thousands Quickly

This token surely looks like a joke, but don’t be fooled, as it very well could trounce ETH many times over – at least in terms of price gain. Investors seem to think so, as many have flocked to the THUG presale.

Thug Life Token captures the essence of a life filled with setbacks and humorous moments, blending them into a unique combination. The cryptocurrency market has been through a turbulent journey recently, resulting in the emergence of various memes. Thug Life encapsulates and embodies these emotions.

The Thug Life movement gained popularity in the 1980s through influential hip-hop artists such as Snoop Dogg. The project presents itself as a “second chance” for individuals who have been manipulated, influenced, and exploited for financial gain. The team describes their mission as follows:

“Thug is not just a token; it represents a movement driven by humor, camaraderie, and the collective struggle of navigating the web3 world. By transforming unfavorable web3 dumped presales into a prosperous sphere, Thug Life aims to reshape the landscape.”

Within hours of its presale launch, the project has rapidly accumulated a significant amount of funds. As awareness of $THUG spreads, more investors are expected to join the venture. There is a growing sense that the project is achieving new milestones in the realm of meme coins, offering lucrative opportunities for savvy investors seeking promising tokens that can have a significant impact on their portfolios.

The Tokenomics and Presale Figures of Thug Life Token

However, understanding the tokenomics of the project is crucial to truly appreciate its achievements. Fortunately, there are several positive aspects to highlight regarding the project’s token presale and overall token structure. This project genuinely prioritizes the people, as we are about to discover.

Currently, the THUG token is available for purchase at a price of $0.0007, and it can be acquired using ETH or USDT. Within a few hours, the token has already generated substantial funds, indicating its potential for rapid growth and suggesting a potential surge in value based on recent trends.

Operating on the Ethereum blockchain, the THUG token has a total supply of 4.2 billion tokens. During the presale phase, 70% of the token supply has been allocated, with the goal of raising $2.058 million. Additionally, a liquidity lock has been implemented for a period of 3 months to ensure stability.

Furthermore, 15% of the tokens have been reserved for community rewards, which will be distributed through giveaways and an engagement airdrop campaign. The airdrop campaign will commence once the $THUG token is launched on a decentralized exchange (DEX).

It is advisable to stay alert and seize this opportunity to participate in the THUG airdrop once the presale concludes. Registration for the airdrop can be completed on the project’s website or through Discord.

What is the Growth Potential for WSM and THUG in 2023?

As always, it is hard to determine how much exactly an altcoin can grow, especially ones that are in the presale stage. However, historical evidence is a good guidepost, if nothing else.

Meme coins have had a fantastic performance in 2023. PEPE is a good example and more established ones have also done fairly well. These tokens have risen solely by the amount of hype behind them – and neither WSM nor THUG are poor in that regard.

As such, many in the crypto community believe that there is room for 10-20x growth for these tokens following their listings on exchanges. Whatever the case, both tokens are at least worth keeping an eye on.


ETH is turning out to be a solid contender for being one of the strongest gainers in 2023. However, this comes with a few caveats. The token is still wavering between support and resistance levels and it has yet to fully prove itself in terms of whether it can cement its position above the $2,500 mark. As such, it does not offer much confidence to the investor, who is looking for gains, compared to striking new altcoin projects.

Two altcoins that are showcasing a lot of potential for rapid and high growth are WSM and THUG. They’re both meme coins, but they truly offer some unique value to the investor. The former has already proven itself quite well, as evidenced by the many millions it has raised. The other has a similar energy about it, as investors have put in hundreds of thousands in a short span of time.

As such, both WSM and THUG are worth checking out for investors who are looking to make rapid gains in 2023. They could very well become the most successful tokens of 2023.

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