Rising Crypto Giants: Analysing EOS and Toncoin (TON) Price Leap Amid BlockDAG’s $12M Presale Strategic Triumph

While analysing the world of cryptocurrency in detail, Toncoin (TON) price trends and EOS Price Analysis are capturing attention. Toncoin is nearing the $5.0 mark, with speculation of reaching $10, while EOS shows bullish momentum towards $1.20.

Meanwhile, the crypto giant BlockDAG network is making strategic moves, including a referral program and a high-visibility marketing campaign at Tokyo’s Shibuya Crossing. BlockDAG’s presale success, selling almost 6.3 billion coins in a very short span, highlights its growing presence in the market. These developments indicate an exciting phase for investors and enthusiasts in the cryptocurrency space.

Toncoin (TON) Price Eyes $10 Milestone Amid Bullish Trends

Toncoin (TON) is currently hovering near the crucial $5.0 mark, displaying resilience despite a minor 0.47% decrease over the past 24 hours. The launch of the Open League community incentive program propelled the recent surge in Toncoin (TON) price from $3.3 to around $5.0, a 40% increase.

With a live market cap of over $17 billion, TON ranks 12th on CoinMarketCap. The coin’s ability to recover quickly from external shocks, such as the temporary injunction on Telegram services in Spain, hints at a bullish future, with some speculating a potential rise to the $10 milestone.

EOS Price Analysis: Bullish Momentum Targets $1.20

EOS is trading above $1.050, with a bullish trend line support near this level. Despite a correction from $1.1060, EOS maintains its position above the 55 simple moving average.

 With resistance levels at $1.1060 and $1.150, a break above these could push EOS towards $1.20 and $1.250. Key supports are at $1.050 and $1.00, with a break below $1.00 possibly leading to a retest of the $0.880 support.

BlockDAG’s Strategic Moves Amplify Its Presence in the Crypto Market

BlockDAG has introduced a referral program, offering a 10% bonus for referring new purchasers of BDAG coins. Users can easily track their token balance, referrals and referral earnings on the purchase page. This strategy aims to expand BlockDAG’s community and incentivise user participation.

The release of BlockDAG’s keynote video on a billboard at Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo, has significantly raised its profile. Shibuya Crossing is known for its high foot traffic, making it an ideal location for maximum exposure. This strategic move has captured widespread attention and sparked interest in the new cryptocurrency.

As part of this attention created, BlockDAG is on the verge of crossing $12 million in sales during its Batch 6 presale, with over 6.3 billion coins sold at $0.0035 each. This milestone demonstrates the growing interest and trust in BlockDAG as a promising player in the digital currency market.

End Note

The cryptocurrency landscape is seeing significant movements, with Toncoin (TON) price trends and EOS Price Analysis capturing investor attention. Toncoin’s potential to hit the $10 mark and EOS’s bullish momentum towards $1.20 are noteworthy.

BlockDAG’s strategic moves, including its referral program and marketing efforts, have solidified its position as a crypto giant. With almost 6.3 billion coins sold in a short span, BlockDAG’s success highlights an exciting phase for the crypto market, offering promising opportunities for investors and enthusiasts.

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