Elon Musk Fined; AVAX and SOL Holders Find a Superior Alternative in $ROE

Elon Musk’s X, formerly known as Twitter, has been fined by a secret justice department for snubbing the special counsel investigating Donald Trump. In the crypto world, AVAX and SOL investors are uncertain as the crypto winter continues. At the same time, crypto investors recognize Borroe ($ROE) as the best new crypto to invest in.

The Dogefather Sued

Elon Musk’s X, formerly known as Twitter, has been fined $350,000. The “Dogefather,” as he sometimes refers to himself, reportedly snubbed the special counsel investigating Donald Trump and missed the deadline for complying with a search warrant for records from the former President.

Elon Musk, who has been accused of manipulating the price of Dogecoin, has portrayed his confusing relationship with the memecoin. While his self-acclaimed designations like “Dogecoin CEO” are not official, they affect the price.

Musk’s random tweets have been known to affect the price of Doge, and Borroe’s potential is apparently pumping the price of $ROE, its native altcoin that’s fast becoming one of the best coins to invest in.  AVAX and SOL holders are increasingly amassing the $ROE altcoin.


Uncertainty Plaguing Top DeFi Coins 

Avalanche (AVAX) has reportedly stayed stuck in a critical price zone thanks to different challenges that cast shadows on its potential. Despite attempts to surge, obstacles appear to resist this move, as though there is an insurmountable barrier.

As a competitor to Ethereum, Avalanche prioritizes scalability and transaction processing speeds, and AVAX is used for transaction fees and secures the network. The higher its relevance and use, the higher the price should go.

Reports say that if AVAX crosses the resistance price of $15.8, it could go on to create confidence among observing investors who are always on the lookout for the top crypto to invest in.

SOL has had a recent golden cross, which is usually a precursor to bullish runs. However, investors remain cautious about banking on this indicator as proof of certainty. Market sentiment and other events introduce variables that keep investors wary of further investment in Solana.

Certain speculators expect a bearish view following past patterns, while others expect a bull run following the same pattern. Interestingly, this uncertainty about tokens has not been the case for the $ROE presale, which has steadily held investors’ interest as one of the best new ICOs.

$ROE presale turning out to be a top ICO

Borroe’s instant funding model has piqued the interest of Web3 creators and investors. This value-driven project involves an AI-powered marketplace for Web3 builders and creators to source funds from future recurrent revenues and the minting of NFT representations of future and outstanding invoices for sale on the marketplace.

With funding being a major setback for Web3 creators, $ROE finds a ready market for its platform. While the minted NFT becomes the best NFT to invest in, the creators get the funds to power their businesses; this becomes a win-win for the investors and the creators.

Through the leadership of Maxim Prishchepo and Michael Price, the team heads of the project, Borroe has been awarded a certificate of compliance by BlockAudit after a successful audit of its smart contract.

Since the Beta Stage, the $ROE ICO has proven successful, selling out in just five days, suggesting that investors see Borroe Finance as one of the top new DeFi projects to invest in. Presently, at the first stage of the presale, $ ROE has made the top ICO list, with experts classifying it among the best cryptos to buy. 

This challenging phase in the journey of different coin prices breeds uncertainty among investors and potential investors, as the trading volume leaves the cryptocurrency vulnerable to sudden price changes. The expanding history of $ROE shows applaudable growth, having grown 25% from its Beta Stage price.

Aiming for $0.040 as the target presale price, the present cost of $0.0125 is a great time to join what is quickly becoming an excellent cryptocurrency ICO.

Learn more about Borroe ($ROE) here:

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