Elevate Your Portfolio: Top 3 Best Crypto To Buy Now for Success

Buying crypto is a wild ride, but staying in the loop on the latest news can help you spot the right buying opportunities. Right now, there’s a trio of digital coins making news that could be worth buying into. 

For investors following the latest news and seeking real-world utility, BEFE, Bitgert, and Centcex present an exciting trio to buy. 


The crypto news on BEFE is shaking things up big time. Unlike those vapid meme tokens on the news, BEFE brings real utility to the table.  

You can buy and stake your BEFE crypto to earn rewards paid out in Bitgert crypto. What a great deal to buy!

But it gets better. BEFE didn’t do any shady pre-sales or insider deals when it launched. That transparency has helped build an insanely loyal following. And that community is paying off—BEFE has already pumped over 450% in just one year!

At around $0.00041 per coin, this could be the ideal crypto for buying at a discount.

Bitgert (BRISE)

This green blockchain is making major news waves. Why? The crypto market news is all about its crypto products, from a decentralised exchange to an NFT marketplace.

Additionally, crypto mining’s massive energy usage is a big environmental problem. But Bitgert is all over the news here, being the eco-warrior we desperately need! 

Thanks to its revolutionary consensus method called Proof-of-Authority, Bitgert is incredibly eco-friendly while still blowing other cryptos out of the water with speeds up to 100,000 transactions per second.

Here’s where the news gets spicy: Bitgert is about to get listed on Binance, one of the biggest crypto exchanges. 

According to the news, Bitgert has already seen over 60% gains in a month; its BRISE token could be an undervalued crypto buy now. It’s your chance to buy the dip!

Centcex: DeFi’s Newest Innovator

In the DeFi world, DEXs are king for secure peer-to-peer crypto trading. But Centcex is pushing the boundaries in a major way – huge news in the making!

This game-changing platform allows developers to build and launch their own DEXs and decentralized apps directly on the blockchain. Worth a buy, or what?

With low costs and seamless integration with Bitgert for lightning-fast transactions, CENX could be an attractive buy. 


As always, before you make a buy, do your research and follow the latest news. 

These cryptos are making the news with revolutionary tech and novel use cases. Maybe it’s time to make a buy but after DYOR?


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