Rumours Donald Trump Set To Launch His Own Token On Solana Will It Be The Biggest Thing Since BOME And Bonk?

With the United States general election approaching, all eyes are on the campaigns. Having tagged himself as a crypto president in the past, there are speculations that former president Donald Trump is behind the newly launched TrumpCoin. Barely a few hours after the launch of the meme coin in the Solana blockchain tagged DJT, the stock symbol of the Trump social media channel, it went on an exponential rally. As such, analysts are asking investors to exercise caution when it comes to DJT. In another development, the Rollblock presale has continued to make waves in the market as early buyers see significant returns.

Rollblock Price Tipped for 10x Rallies in Q3

Rollblock is an upcoming GambleFi protocol that will bridge the gap between CeFi and DeFi games while bringing users the best of both worlds. The ecosystem was developed to solve major issues that have hindered the progress of the $450B gambling market. The ecosystem will resolve issues related to transparency, security, efficiency, and scalability. 

Using blockchain technology, Rollblock will ensure that all transactions are permanent and immutable. Also, it will ensure that all transactions are encrypted with blockchain technology to protect players’ assets. The Rollblock platform adheres to legal frameworks to ensure players’ security. So far, the Rollblock ecosystem is fully functional and operational and has over 150 casino classics for users to play. 

As the world’s first backed crypto casino and play-to-earn token, the RBLK represents a major stake in the ecosystem’s success. In addition to being used as a mechanism to distribute rewards, users can stake it for rewards. With it, users can also access exclusive games. The ecosystem also supports multi currency staking. As such, users can stake cryptos for rewards. 

Meanwhile, the RBLK is in stage 3 of the presale and sold for just $0.014. Early buyers have seen 40% ROI with analysts projecting 10x returns in Q3. As such, RBLK is on course to trump top meme coins in the coming months. The ecosystem made it easier to join as no KYC is involved. When you buy now, you can get up to 20% bonus. Overall, Rollblock is a project worth exploring. 

Book of Meme Price Prediction – Can It Set a New ATH in July?

Book of Meme is a Solana-based meme coin with the aim of redefining web3 culture by combining memes, decentralized storage solutions and degen shitcoin trading and gambling. The top meme coin thrives mainly on hype with no real utility. Having witnessed massive rallies in the past few months triggered mainly by the token’s listing across exchanges, the token is back to the bear trend. 

CoinMarketCap data shows that Book of Meme’s price has dropped by 24% in the past month and 10% in the past week. Also, the BOME trading volume has depreciated in the past few days. Having gained over 800% in the past year, a few analysts have made a bold BOME price prediction, estimating that the meme coin price will retest the $0.02 ATH in Q3. 

Bonk Price Analysis – Analysts Tip It To Bounce Back

Bonk is another Solana-based meme coin built for the people by the people, with 50% of the total supply airdropped to the Solana community. Bonk is one of the best meme coins of Q1, setting an ATH record of $0.000047 in March. The Bonk YTD price metric also shows a massive 6800% gain, putting it among the top meme coins in the market. 

However, the Bonk technical analysis is not impressive as the meme coin battles the bears. CoinMarketCap data shows that Bonk trading volume is down with other key market indicators also bearish. Meanwhile, with Bonk still trading above the $0.000020 support zone, there is a high chance of a resurgence soon. 

Donald Trump Coin Creates Ripples in the Crypto Market

The launch of the TrumpCoin has created ripples in the market, with some linking the new meme coin to former US President Donald Trump. Crypto analysts are trying to figure out the origin of the meme coin, which was developed on the Solana blockchain under the symbol DJT, a symbol for the Trump social network “Truth Social.” 

Within 24 hours of launch, the TrumpCoin price surged by 180%, with other Trump-linked meme coins, such as MAGA, crashing. While the Donald Trump team has yet to confirm the token launch, Bubblemaps, a blockchain data firm, believes that DJT is not linked to Trump. Meanwhile, CoinMarketCap data shows that TrumpCoin’s market cap is over $100M with more than $9.7M daily trading volume. 

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