dogwifhat Pumps Over 60% as Memes Come Back to Life; Galaxy Fox Nears $3M

This year is shaping up to be a continuation of the meme season, as many meme coins show more excellent prospects. $WIF is the latest meme coin showing high profitability, and its run possibly still has a lot of gas left in the tank. The top-performing meme coin could be among the best coins to invest in now, alongside $GFOX, another buzzing meme coin. While $WIF is already on exchange, $GFOX is still on presale, though its performance to date shows it’s a token worthy of adoption as investors expect $GFOX to outshine many meme coins, including Dogwifhat ($WIF). 

Galaxy Fox Set to Be the Next Moonbag For Crypto Investors

Crypto investors are highly optimistic about $GFOX. Many believe it’s the next meme coin to blow and are prepared to take chances with the Fox token. Galaxy Fox aims to leverage its uniqueness to navigate the saturated meme sector. The new token will stand out as a hybrid cryptocurrency with dual utility. It will have P2E features without compromising its meme culture. This will make it a stand-out token with high adoption propensity. 

$GFOX will serve various functions in its ecosystem and the web3 space at large. It will be the governance token within the Galaxy Fox ecosystem. Hence, it will function as an acceptable payment medium for transactions and other activities in the ecosystem. $GFOX will back buying and selling in the Galaxy Fox store, staking on the platform, and other functionalities. It can equally function as a payment medium or task reward for other web3 platforms outside its ecosystem. 

Galaxy Fox’s ecosystem is an exciting universe of meme-driven fun, thrills, and passive income-earning opportunities. Its immersive web3 game will give players a fantastic experience exploring the web3 with their Galaxy Fox NFTs. Players can collect, nurture, and battle their NFTs against each other to win. The aim of the game, apart from the fun, is to top the leaderboard. The top players get rewarded at the end of a playing cycle with in-game currencies. They can exchange the in-game currency for $GFOX ultimately. 

Galaxy Fox NFTs have unique traits. They are stronger than each other, and players with the strongest ones tend to perform better. You can boost your NFTs trait temporarily by buying boosters in the Galaxy Fox marketplace using $GFOX token. It allows you to perform better and increase your reward-earning chances. $GFOX P2E utility will make it a market sensation. Its meme appeal will also improve its success chances as the sector returns to life. 

$GFOX’s high success propensity makes it a possible Moonbag for investors. The meme coin is on presale and has almost raised $3 million within a few months. It’s expected to surpass $3 million soon as it keeps topping the ICO list for meme coins this year. It’s among the best coins to invest in due to its high profit-yielding possibility. Investors who join the meme coin’s presale are more positioned to gain from its rally. 


Dogwifhat Heads Towards $1 As It Surges By Over 100% 

$WIF’s 7-day rally has been remarkable. The Internet meme coin has a cumulative return of over 130%, making it one of the top gainers presently. $WIF set a $0.48 all-time high recently, and it aims to build on it and head towards $1. Currently, it is ahead of $DOGE by price value and could first the pioneer meme coin to $1. 

$WIF’s impressive run came after its terrible decline in the past week. The meme coin dropped to $0.06, an all-time low. Investors that adopted the meme coin around that point are enjoying over 350% ROI presently. This shows how much the meme coin’s tide has changed within a week. 

$WIF is still trying to maintain its $0.3+ price zone, even though it has declined drastically since setting a new all-time high. The meme coin is farther away from the $0.40 resistance zone but will retest it again soon. $WIF is one of the altcoins increasing investors’ optimism in meme coins, and it’s one of the best coins to invest in now. 


The general expectation is that meme coins will boom this year. $WIF market run and $GFOX presale strides show the expectation is becoming a reality. Investors eyeing high profit should consider meme coins, especially the soon-to-boom $GFOX. The presale token has gained much traction, and it’s expected to leverage it to succeed. Potential investors can still benefit from its success by joining the presale now. 

Learn more about Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) here:

Visit Galaxy Fox Presale | Join The Telegram Group | Follow Galaxy Fox on Twitter 

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