Dogecoin20 ($DOGE20) Token Sale Goes Live – Passive Income Protocol For Dogecoin’s Ultimate Upgrade Raises $200K In Hours

A newly emerging Dogecoin-based meme coin launched its presale today and is quickly gaining traction after raising over $200,000 in its first few hours.

Dogecoin20 ($DOGE20) is being hailed as the ultimate Doge upgrade. It offers a unique passive income mechanism and better blockchain technology than the original Dogecoin project.

The project sets itself apart in the crowded dog-based meme coin space through its brilliantly crafted tokenomic structure and roadmap, paving the way for long-term sustainability.

With the presale going live today, you have the perfect opportunity to position yourself as an early adopter of this exciting new mutt in the market, bringing a bark and a bite for profits.

Dogecoin20 Becomes the Ultimate Doge Upgrade

Dogecoin20 is described as the ultimate Dogecoin upgrade as it sets its sights on sustainability by using the proof-of-stake consensus mechanism and passive income through a unique staking ecosystem.

The original Dogecoin was founded in December 2013 and was designed to be a fun alternative to the original Bitcoin.

The dog-based meme coin market leader has seen tremendous success over the following years, reaching exceptional heights after becoming a viral meme coin sensation amongst mainstream audiences.

Built on the ethos of “Do Only Good Everyday,” Dogecoin20 intends to push the boundary set by Dogecoin further by introducing the sustainability focus and combining it with passive income.

The project is touted as what Dogecoin could have been if Elon Musk had created it himself, with a specific focus on sustainability to be non-harming the environment.

Dogecoin20 continues paying homage to the legendary Dogecoin while bringing a fresh twist to the memecoin universe through its passive income staking opportunity.

Unique Staking Feature to Bring Passive Income to Dog-Based Meme Coins

Dogecoin20 brings a unique staking feature to its community, allowing users to earn a consistent passive income by locking their $DOGE20 into the staking protocol.

The staking protocol is unique as it provides rewards based on the staking percentage of the staking pool, meaning those with a higher amount staked will earn higher rewards.

The team has set aside 15% of the total $DOGE20 supply to provide the staking rewards over the next two years, with a whopping 12.5% of that supply allocated for distribution in its first year—presenting the perfect incentive to get stalking immediately.

Expertly Crafted Tokenomics Structure For Long-Term Success

In addition to the passive income opportunity, $DOGE20 comes with an expertly crafted tokenomics schedule to help the community-focused project remain competitive over the coming months.

Out of the 140 billion $DOGE20 supply, 25% is sold in the presale, with the current price at $0.00014.

Another 25% is set aside for marketing, helping Dogecoin20 reach a broad audience and stay competitive in the crowded dog-based meme sector.

The remaining 50% is split as follows:

  • 25% is reserved for the project treasury
  • 15% for staking rewards
  • 10% for adding liquidity to the DEX listing, helping it provide a smooth trading environment upon its launch.

Buy Today and Take Advantage of Low Entry Prices.

The presale provides the perfect opportunity to get positioned in this Dogecoin upgrade at the lowest possible price.

The presale uses a rising pricing strategy, meaning those positioned the earliest benefit the most as they enter at lower price points.

The current price is $0.00014, expected to rise within six days.

$DOGE20 can be purchased using ETH, USDT, or fiat through a credit/debit card.

Overall, this new dog-based meme coin is ready to show the world how Dogecoin could evolve if it transitions away from the proof-of-work algorithm to a more environmentally friendly proof-of-stake algorithm that provides a passive income at the same time.

Buy $DOGE20 Today.

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