Dogecoin ($DOGE) Touted to Hit $0.30 Before Doge Day, While Dogecoin20 Sails Past $10 Million.

Dogecoin is currently undergoing a breakout as it attempts to penetrate above the March highs and head toward $0.2.

With the bullish pressure behind Dogecoin, many experts are touting it to hit $0.3 before Doge Day in April.

While Dogecoin reignites its bullish sentiment, Doge-related meme coins are also starting to skyrocket.

In particular, Dogecoin20 ($DOGE20) is turning heads as it sails past the $10 million fundraising milestone, with a launch scheduled on Doge Day.

Dogecoin Breakout Underway: Can It Hit $0.3 Before Doge Day?

Dogecoin is currently undergoing a breakout as it attempts to close above the $0.18 level today.

Dogecoin surged higher at the end of February to break above $0.2 in the first few days of March. Unfortunately, it couldn’t close a daily candle above $0.18 and started to retrace through the month.

Last week, Dogecoin found support at $0.12, provided by a .618 Fib Retracement level, and started to reverse.

Today’s push higher presents a breakout opportunity, so long as the daily candle can close above the $0.182 level;

If $DOGE continues its bullish pressure, many analysts expect it to continue higher through April to reach $0.3 by Doge Day, currently scheduled for April 20th, 2024.

Looking ahead, if the buyers close today’s candle above $0.182, the first level of higher resistance lies at $0.2. This is followed by resistance at $0.214 (Jan 2022 highs), $0.24 (1.272 Fib Extension), and $0.256 (1.414 Fib Extension).

If the bulls continue beyond $0.27, higher resistance lies at $0.281 (1.618 Fib Extension), $0.29 (November 2021 highs), and $0.3.

On the other side, support first lies at $0.182. This is followed by $0.172, $0.158, $0.14, and $0.12.

What Other Meme Coins Are Experiencing Upward Trajectory?

With Doge Day approaching and the Bitcoin Block Halving scheduled for the same month, many experts expect a meme coin frenzy in April 2024.

As a result, lots of meme coins are starting to experience strong upward trajectories as investors position themselves in projects ahead of the meme coin bull run.

In particular, Dogecoin20 ($DOGE20) is turning heads after crossing the $10 million milestone in its presale.

With a unique passive income solution for meme coin holders, $DOGE20 is being bought in anticipation of huge 10x returns when it launches on Doge Day.

Dogecoin20 ($DOGE20) Flies Past $10 Million Milestone With Launch on Doge Day.

Dogecoin20 ($DOGE20) has officially passed the $10 million milestone in its presale, demonstrating the token’s growing hype.

Dogecoin20 describes itself as the ultimate Dogecoin upgrade as it seeks to pay homage to the legendary meme coin while bringing a fresh twist by introducing new staking features that provide an avenue for $DOGE20 holders to earn a passive income.

The meme coin utilizes the proof-of-stake mining algorithm, pushing Dogecoin into a sustainable future. In addition, the algorithm allows users to stake their tokens and earn a passive income on their holdings.

Those currently staking $DOGE20 are earning an impressive 99% APY on their holdings. Everybody is rewarded based on their staking percentage of the staking pool. The team has allocated an impressive 15% of the total supply to provide the $DOGE20 rewards over the next two years.

The high APY incentivises $DOGE20 holders to stake their tokens for extended periods, reducing the selling pressure on the cryptocurrency following its launch.

In addition to the passive income structure, Dogecoin20 removes the infinite-inflation problem Dogecoin experienced. Instead of having an unlimited supply, $DOGE20 comes with a 140 billion token supply.

The total 140 billion $DOGE20 supply is broken down as follows:

  • 25% for the presale
  • 25% for marketing
  • 25% for project treasury
  • 10% for DEX liquidity
  • 15% for staking rewards

This tokenomic structure helps Dogecoin20 remain competitive in the crowded dog-based meme coin space while allowing the community to donate to philanthropic causes through the project treasury.

The project is currently in the last phase of its presale, with just three weeks left to get positioned. $DOGE20 can currently be purchased for $0.00022 using $ETH, $USDT, or a debit/credit card.

The team has announced it will launch $DOGE20 on Doge Day, April 20th, 2024. As a result, investors expect a frenzy of buying on the day of launch, with the meme coin mania expected to be in full swing by then.

Buy $DOGE20 today.

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