Dogecoin (DOGE), Kaspa (KAS), Mollars, or Bitcoin (BTC) — Which Crypto Can Yield $55,000 From A $250 Investment?

A project designed to function as a Bitcoin alternative is rapidly gaining popularity among Ethereum Blockchain users. Mollars, a decentralized currency with an extremely limited supply has just started its 3rd round of the token presale today.

In around two weeks, the funding rounds have sold nearly a tenth of the overall supply, averaging 100,000 tokens sold daily. Buyers anticipate significant returns over the year, potentially making $55,000 off every $250.00 invested.

The reason for the rapidly growing popularity is the fact that Mollars is designed to solve an important issue for crypto investors: Bitcoin’s record-high fees. In essence, $MOLLARS was created to function as a store of value in the ERC-20,

How will Mollars Return $55,000 From $250 Invested?

Given the growing demand experienced over the past weeks, imagining a scenario where a token similar to Bitcoin could mimic its growth trajectory is not unfeasible. Mollars has a supply more limited than BTC itself at 10 million tokens. This aspect, when paired with growing interest in the project could lead to a substantial increase.

The capped supply contributes to its scarcity, a factor that has historically driven the value of cryptocurrencies. Also, functioning as a Store-of-Value in the most active blockchain in the world is also poised to enhance its value proposition over time.

In terms of potential valuation, there is a conceivable scenario where Mollars could reach a value of $100, mirroring the historic ascent of Bitcoin. This could translate into a remarkable return of $55,000 for every $250 invested today

The ongoing momentum in the cryptocurrency market serves as a driving force for tokens like Mollars, propelling them to higher valuations. Drawing parallels with BTC’s historic trajectory, the new currency may experience significant appreciation if demand trends persist, providing investors with a potential avenue for substantial returns.

Back in 2011, $BTC was valued at less than a cent. Today, the asset trades above the $40,000 zone, with predictions of reaching $1.5 million by 2030 after the recent spot ETF approval. 

When comparing its ability to grow to an already renowned currency, the risk/reward ratio for $MOLLARS investors is another incentive for buying the token. Currencies tend to make the most profits in the years following its ICO, and given the success of this project’s funding rounds, expectations are booming about the future of the token.

Overall, investors who are active in the market but like to keep their assets in the more ‘stable’ Bitcoin are dealing with harsh fees, as well as undesirable market fluctuations. 

A recent example of a single swap on the Bitcoin blockchain incurring a substantial transaction fee raises over $123,000 questions about the sustainability of such costs, creating an opening for alternatives like Mollars.

Mollars is positioned as a potential contender for investors seeking alternatives with store-of-value benefits. Its significant returns without the burden of exorbitant transaction costs make it an appealing option for those looking to diversify their cryptocurrency portfolio.

‘Mollars Saves Dollars’ — A Smart Solution on The World’s Most Popular Blockchain

The Alternative Option, currently in the works, is exemplified by the Initial Coin Offering (ICO). This marks the launch of a Bitcoin alternative, developed on the Ethereum blockchain for optimal efficiency. 

Positioned as the leading crypto blockchain, the Mollars Store-of-Value (SOV) token is expected to provide a cost-effective and speedy transaction process for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Astute investors are eagerly taking part in this development, with significant investments from well-known players seeking favorable rates during the presale stage of the new SOV token. 

Currently valued at US$0.45 each, the $MOLLARS token is projected to launch priced at $0.62 upon its ICO in the cryptocurrency market.

What would ROI Yields Be On a $250 Investment in Dogecoin (DOGE) or KASPA (KAS) If Token Value Reached $100?

Other tokens on the market who are not so likely to make the $100 milestone but would make goliath yields if they did, are Dogecoin (DOGE) and Kaspa (KAS). 

These are memecoins and not store-of-value tokens like Bitcoin & Mollars.  They are not scarce at all.

Bitcoin & Mollars Total Token Supplies

Bitcoin has a total token supply of 21,000,000 coins being minted. Mollars has a TTS of 10-million tokens being minted.  Kaspa (KAS) and Dogecoin (DOGE) are far different. They are not scarce.  

What is the Kaspa (KAS) coin’s total supply?

Kaspa has a total supply of 28,700,000,000 (billions) coins.   Its current price is US$0.1024 and unfortunately on a downtrend.

This supply is too many tokens for a typical cryptocurrency and would require massive adoption to become ‘in demand.’   All of China’s 1.4-billion citizens would need to own 20 of these $KAS tokens to create a fractional division level of demand for crypto.

If the Kaspa coin were somehow able to find a demand to sell out the supply and push prices to US$100, then a $250 investment today would become worth a plump US$243,891.   Not a bad number at all, as it’s enough to pay off 50% of a nice home in America today.

That stellar amount would be an ROI yield of +97,556.25%.  Not a record breaking profit yield for cryptos but it’s definitely an investor’s dream to see such growth in the portfolio in less than 10 years.

Kapsa (KAS) token saw its peak last year on December 4th.  It rose to a high of $0.1452 and has since fallen back down to 10-cents per coin.

What is Dogecoin ($DOGE) token’s total supply?

The original memecoin, Dogecoin, has a total supply of 142,720,000,000  [billion] tokens.   That’s a dog-gone massive amount of cryptocoins to have to get rid of to create ‘fractional demand.’ 

Like Kaspa, Shiba Inu, and countless others, this is an amount that will likely never find a buyer demand sufficient enough to make the token high value.  However, having billionaire Elon Musk’s support helps massively.  The only problem is that for now, the Tesla Motors and X [formerly Twitter] head honcho seems to be ignoring the token turned coin.

Nonetheless, if the $DOGE token finds  ultimate success and becomes a payment tool for X and Tesla, perhaps it could move upwards significantly.  If the memecoin were to become worth $100 from today’s price of $0.078, a $250 investment today would become worth $320,262.    

The ROI yields exactly would be +128,105.13% and leave traders with a total profit of US$320,512.  For this to happen however, Dogecoin’s commercial adoption would have to match brand value.   Restaurants, retail stores, and more would need to accept the coin and possibly a spot ETF acception.

The importance of total token supply is important when buying a store-of-value token that has long-term utility against global inflation.  This is why tokens like Mollars (MOLLARS) and Bitcoin (BTC) are so valuable in comparison to memecoins.  The infrastructure is far different.

3 Reasons Mollars Is Better Than Bitcoin

Between Mollars ($MOLLARS) and Bitcoin ($BTC) there are also differences that could create a major shift in the rankings of store of value cryptos.

Mollars has 3 things going in its favor above Bitcoin.  

One, it’s based on a better blockchain.  Smart money and wise crypt investors will not repeat the insane practice of giving away their money to the Bitcoin-Blockchain when there is a new, better, and cheaper to use store-of-value token.  Not unless giving away money freely and losses is their aim in trading.

Second, Mollars has major demand currently.   Over 80,000 tokens have been sold in the ICO for at least 10 days, according to the presale’s Ethereum transaction address.  One day over 150,000 tokens were sold.  This demand meeting a low supply of 10-million total tokens available, means the price will go parabolic.    It will ‘rip’ upwards and become the undisputed best cryptocurrency investment of 2024.

Bitcoin has a total coin supply of 21-million tokens.  And truly, only 20-million tokens in reality as 1M tokens were kept by the $BTC Founder, Satoshi Nakamoto. He’s now worth US$40,000,000 [billions] if he still has that full supply today.

To put this into perspective, not even the United States government, who holds the biggest $BTC supply of all global governments, does not have as much as Nakamoto.  According to a recent visual-graphic, the US gov’t has only 215,000 BitcoinsChina has 190,000 coins, following in close second.

Third, that ownership flaw is the last major keypoint.   Mollars is better than Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Kaspa for this reason. All of those cryptocurrencies’ founders kept a hidden supply of tokens in their digital wallets from their ICO’s inception.  They never ‘bought’ the tokens, they simply gifted themselves millions of dollars worth of their creation, during the creation.   

Mollars creator(s) are giving no one free tokens. The full total supply of 10-million tokens will be up for sale. Everyone will have equal opportunity for owning a whole token.  Any trader that holds a $MOLLARS token will have to buy it

The founder(s) of the new store-of-value token calls their idealism ‘selfless crypto’ and true decentralization. In a recent reddit post, Mollars forefather(s) explained the entire team behind the Bitcoin-alternative simply wanted to know they solved a major problem in the process of finding true financial freedom for the world. 

And the ‘talk’ is not just talk. A recent audit by Cyperscope verifies the Mollars smart contract is compliant with advertised tokenomics and is secure.

As the Mollars token presale nears 800,000 tokens sold, it looks to be the one true token that could yield a $55,000 per $250 invested today.   It is expected to be 2024’s prime cryptocurrency and next to see a parabolic uptrend since Shiba Inu (SHIB) in 2021.  

View the latest stats of the ‘Unicorn’ cryptocurrency at its official website –

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