Did Simpsons Just Predict Another Crypto, Bitcoin and NFT Bull Run?

The Simpsons has a reputation for predicting major world events, from Trump’s presidency to the Ukraine-Israel war. Crypto investor EvanLuthra.eth highlighted some of the show’s 2024 predictions that could signal good news for the crypto market.

In a recent episode focused on NFTs, one sold for a whopping $1.5 million. This could be a sign of the upcoming crypto and NFT bull run. The show also hinted at a Trump 2024 presidential campaign.

And it has repeatedly warned of the dangers of advanced AI. Elon Musk shares concerns about uncontrolled AI, saying it “will have the potential to become the ‘most disruptive force in history.'”

If The Simpsons’ predictions come true again, we could see a massive crypto bull run in 2024 driven by NFTs. NFTs first boomed in 2021, with $41 billion in sales. CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club became household names as celebrities and major brands flocked to the space.

The crypto market is known for its cycles of boom and bust. If the pattern holds, 2024 could be the start of the next major bull cycle. With NFTs gaining mainstream traction and adoption, they could fuel a crypto mania even greater than 2021. More brands, celebs and retailers embracing NFTs could send demand for blue chip projects soaring.

Of course, The Simpsons’ predictions should be taken with a grain of salt. But the show’s track record of getting the future right cannot be ignored. If these 2024 predictions come true, the crypto space could be in for a wild ride ahead.

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Petar Jovanović
Petar Jovanović

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