Did Nikola Tesla Predict Bitcoin in 1899? Unveiling BTC’s Connection to His 3, 6, 9 Theory

In 1899, Nikola Tesla, a man far ahead of his time, made a prediction that would seem eerily accurate more than a century later. There are theories he foresaw the advent of Bitcoin, a digital currency that would revolutionize the world of finance. But the connection between Tesla and Bitcoin doesn’t end there. Tesla’s enigmatic theory of 3, 6, and 9 has some uncanny links to the structure of Bitcoin. Let’s unravel this intriguing correlation.

In an intriguing Twitter thread, the user @BTC_Culture has proposed a fascinating theory, drawing unexpected connections between the legendary inventor Nikola Tesla and the digital currency Bitcoin, which can be found here.

Tesla: The Visionary

Before we delve into the peculiarities of Tesla’s theories, it’s essential to understand the man’s genius. Tesla was a visionary who predicted or invented the following groundbreaking technologies over a century ago:

  • Alternating Current (AC) air conditioner in 1882
  • Electricity in 1888
  • The concept of the Internet in 1981
  • Self-driving cars in 1987
  • Smartphones in 2007
  • And, most notably, Bitcoin in 2008

Despite some considering Tesla’s theories as eccentric, his track record of innovation is undeniable.

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The Enigma of 3, 6, 9

Tesla’s most intriguing theories revolved around the numbers 3, 6, and 9. He believed these numbers were the keys to unlocking the universe’s secrets and the mysteries of the Great Pyramids. These numbers, according to Tesla, are omnipresent in nature and sophisticated man-made structures.

For instance, the speed of light, the diameter of the moon, sun, and earth, all share a digital root of 9. The sum of all interior angles of all polygons and the structure of the pyramids also share this root. Even the time units in a day, week, month, or year share this commonality.

The Bitcoin Connection

So, how does this relate to Bitcoin? In the world of Bitcoin, the final block will be block number 6,930,000, which is divisible by 9. A Bitcoin halving, a significant event in the Bitcoin universe, occurs every 210,000 blocks, a number divisible by 3 and 6.

Intriguingly, there are 144 Bitcoin Blocks mined per day, a number once again divisible by 3, 6, or 9. Bitcoin’s difficulty adjustment happens every 2016 blocks, approximately every two weeks, a number divisible by 9. These correlations reflect the sacred number 9 in the Bitcoin universe.

Tesla’s Vision of Energy and Bitcoin

Tesla was passionate about providing the world with abundant and free energy. Could Bitcoin be the energy system he envisioned in 1900? Tesla, one of the greatest minds of our time, was the first person on record to predict Bitcoin.

The connections between the pivotal numbers in Bitcoin and Tesla’s 3, 6, 9 theory are intriguing. Are these mere coincidences, or was Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous creator of Bitcoin, even more brilliant than we knew, possibly drawing inspiration from Tesla’s theories? The mystery continues to unfold.

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