BlockDAG Dev Release 38: Redefines Blockchain Standards, Securing Over $32.6M in Presale with Enhanced Security and Efficiency

BlockDAG is back in the crypto forefront with the latest Development (Dev) Release. The Dev Release 38 is setting new standards in blockchain technology, showcasing significant advancements in consensus mechanisms tailored for its DAG-based system. This latest update emphasizes refining transaction ordering and block validation, enhancing both security and efficiency.

BlockDAG’s strategic Dev Releases capture the crypto community’s attention, providing detailed updates that foster investor confidence. As a result, BlockDAG has seen a remarkable spike in presale activity, earning over $32.6 million and demonstrating its growing appeal. These updates highlight BlockDAG’s innovative approach, driving the project’s success and investor interest.

BlockDAG Innovation: Coin Price Rise by 800%

BlockDAG is setting new benchmarks in blockchain technology with its innovative approach and strategic developments. Leveraging a Proof of Work consensus, the BlockDAG Network (BDAG) stands out as a leading Layer 1 blockchain. Its unique Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) structure ensures exceptional speed, security and decentralization by allowing multiple blocks to be processed concurrently. The recent Dev Release 38 highlights these technical advancements, providing crypto enthusiasts and potential investors with detailed updates and features of BlockDAG, thereby enhancing its transparency and appeal.

BlockDAG’s strategic marketing has significantly boosted its visibility and interest within the crypto community. Its prominent appearances on global screens, such as Piccadilly Circus in London and the Sphere in Las Vegas during the DAGpaper release celebration, have captured the attention of the general public and crypto analysts. These high-profile events have sparked curiosity among investors, prompting them to explore the project further. The continuous stream of Dev Releases has kept these investors informed and engaged, fostering a sense of trust and confidence in BlockDAG’s potential.

The growing interest and confidence in BlockDAG have led to a remarkable spike in its presale. More than 9.2 billion coins have been sold, generating over $32.6 million. The launch of Batch 15, with a coin price of $0.009, marks an 800% increase from the initial price. This highlights the project’s success and the robust demand for BlockDAG. This surge in presale is a testament to the project’s strategic initiatives and its ability to deliver innovative blockchain solutions.

BlockDAG Dev 38 Unleashes Next-Gen Blockchain

BlockDAG’s 38th Dev Release showcases significant advancements in developing and implementing consensus mechanisms tailored for its DAG-based blockchain system. This release has focused on refining the algorithms essential for ensuring secure, efficient, and scalable transaction confirmation. This involves optimizing the unique structure of a DAG to handle transaction ordering and block validation effectively.

The newly developed pseudocode for transaction ordering is a testament to BlockDAG’s commitment to technical precision and innovation. This code allows for transactions to be sorted and validated efficiently within the DAG, using a systematic approach to append and sort transactions by their timestamps. Furthermore, the release enhances the way block weight is calculated, which is critical for determining the heaviest path and thus resolving conflicts and bolstering the security of the network.

Additionally, the Dev Release includes advanced protocols for block confirmation based on the cumulative weight of their subgraphs. This method ensures that blocks are confirmed only when the cumulative weight meets a predefined threshold, enhancing the integrity and reliability of the blockchain.

Complementing these backend enhancements, Phase 2 of the X1 Miner application has commenced, focusing on elevating the user experience with significant updates. This phase includes critical bug fixes and optimizations to boost stability, performance and security. The application has successfully passed Google Play’s rigorous approval process and is in the final stages of review on the Apple App Store.


BlockDAG’s Dev Release 38 has significantly advanced its blockchain technology, particularly in refining transaction ordering and block validation. These improvements have strengthened the security and efficiency of its DAG-based system. The strategic updates have garnered wide acceptance among crypto investors, driving substantial interest and confidence in the project. BlockDAG’s impressive presale performance reflects this growing investor enthusiasm, which has amassed over $32.6 million. BlockDAG’s innovative approach and continuous development are key factors in its rising success within the cryptocurrency market.

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