DeFi Expert Arthur Cheong Pinpoints a Lesser-Known Altcoin Poised for Growth.

In the fast-paced world of DeFi, trends change every moment, and spotting a winner requires a keen eye, unparalleled expertise, and an uncanny ability to predict market moves. Few possess such a combination of skills. Arthur Cheong, the CEO and Founder of DeFiance Capital, is one of them who has been at the forefront of top DeFi projects and innovations. But it’s his recent spotlight on a relatively lesser-known AI altcoin, InQubeta (QUBE), that has set the crypto community abuzz.

InQubeta: A Top ICO Catching the Eye of DeFi Titans

Before we delve into why Cheong’s endorsement is particularly significant, it’s essential to understand the brilliance of InQubeta. In a time when AI advancements are revolutionizing every sector, access to investing in the very startups that spearhead these innovations remains limited. This is where InQubeta steps in as a game-changer.

Designed as a platform to enable fractional investments in AI startups through its QUBE tokens, InQubeta provides an avenue for democratizing AI startup investments. Their recent presale success, amassing over $2.2 million, indicates not just the platform’s promise but also the faith of the community in its vision.

InQubeta’s plans aren’t limited to a mere investment platform. With the imminent unveiling of their NFT marketplace, they’re poised to make waves in the crypto investment arena. And what makes QUBE a top altcoin is its dual nature – an investment medium and a governance token, allowing holders to play an active role in shaping the platform’s trajectory.

Arthur Cheong’s Midas Touch

For those even remotely acquainted with the DeFi world, Arthur Cheong’s name resonates with high regard. As the head of DeFiance Capital, he’s been instrumental in catapulting top DeFi projects into the limelight, backed by strategic investments. His position as the Council President of the dYdX Foundation further cements his stature as a DeFi visionary.

Given Cheong’s pedigree, his endorsement isn’t just a nod of approval; it’s akin to a golden touch, propelling the spotlighted project into the limelight. His attention to InQubeta isn’t merely a point of interest but a clear call to the community about this next best crypto to invest in.

Why InQubeta?

It’s not just about the novelty of the platform but its potential in bridging two powerful domains: AI and Crypto. InQubeta’s approach promises a synergy that the DeFi space hasn’t witnessed before, merging the exponential growth potential of AI startups with the decentralized, transparent, and democratic ethos of blockchain.

Moreover, InQubeta’s smart contract has successfully passed the scrutiny of Hacken and earned KYC verification from Block Audit, further bolstering its credibility. Its roadmap, which includes launching the InQubeta DAO, and plans to go multichain by Q1 2024, further illustrates the platform’s ambitious vision.


While the crypto landscape is flooded with countless tokens, only a few genuinely have the transformative power to reshape industries. With InQubeta’s potential and Cheong’s endorsement, it appears that QUBE might just be the next big thing in the crypto space.

As the lines between traditional sectors and blockchain continue to blur, platforms like InQubeta represent the next step in this evolution. They’re not just another blockchain project; they signify the confluence of the best of both worlds.

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