DeeStream DST Lures Chainlink & Stellar Fans with 80X Easter Rewards Shifting the Streaming Paradigm

Despite the size of the streaming industry, it still has many challenges and problems. Some of these issues include incessant bans of streamers and high platform fees.

In this article we explore DeeStream, a new project in this industry that aims to solve most of these problems. We discover how it intends to do this and why its growth potential is attracting Chainlink and Stellar investors into its spectacular presale.

Chainlink investors diversify their portfolios with DeeStream

When discussing the most successful crypto projects, Chainlink LINK cannot be missed with its $10B valuation. It introduced abstraction to the blockchain space, simplifying the process of creating smart contracts. Unlike other blockchain projects, Chainlink focuses on decentralized governance ensuring that all node operators and users can contribute to the network. Its position as one of the top 20 crypto projects is well deserved.

Given Chainlink’s position in the market and the positive sentiments expected in Q2, it could surpass Bitcoin Cash and Polkadot soon.

As Easter completes and Q2 begins, Chainlink LINK investors are moving huge investments into DeeStream. These new developments arise as investors try to diversify their portfolios into novel and emerging opportunities. They are choosing DeeStream amongst other opportunities due to the growth potential of the streaming industry and its ability to extend the reach of this burgeoning market.

Stellar investors pick DeeStream as the investment of choice

Stellar uniqueness comes from its focus on a longstanding problem in the finance industry: payment processing. Its peer-to-peer (P2P) decentralized network and payment protocol connects the world’s financial systems and rivals giants like Paypal. Every transaction costs $0.00001 XLM, about ten thousandth of a cent at the time of writing.  It’s no surprise that it’s within the top 40 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

Stellar’s target market is developing countries where the speed and inexpensiveness of its ecosystem would provide access to the global economy. It also serves as a decentralized exchange and marketplace, enabling users to create, send and trade multiple types of crypto.

Stellar investors are picking DeeStream as their investment of choice in Q2. The projected 80x return is just the tip of the iceberg for them. They also believe in its future success in the streaming industry.

DeeStream’s presale is still ongoing at an incredibly low cost

Chainlink and Stellar investors are drawn to DeeStream’s presale given its 80x growth potential. But what is DeeStream doing differently to justify such returns?

DeeStream is changing the game in the live-streaming industry. It combines features from YouTube and Twitch with a fully decentralized streaming model. This gives DeeStream a first mover advantage in a $160.55B market.

DeeStream’s presale is still ongoing. It is currently in its second stage with tokens offered at a discounted price of $0.055. This is an incredibly low cost for the multitude of benefits on the ground. Aside from the significant returns attainable, presale investors earn income from generated platform fees in proportion to their holdings.

Streamers and fans benefit too with lower fees, reward programs and instant withdrawals. This is the best time to join DeeStream and reap these benefits.

Find out more about the DeeStream DST presale by visiting the website here.

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Sarah Wurfel
Sarah Wurfel

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