Decentralized EOS forum with tipping ability – all posts from r/EOS are stored on the blockchain

EOS is after Ripple/XRP probably the most disputed cryptocurrency in the sphere. Dan Larimer designed the EOS ecosystem in a highly scalable and efficient way but sacrificed the decentralization aspect of it with the chosen dPoS consensus mechanism. All that aside, EOS has a vigorous camp with both positive and negative news simmering out of it.

One of the latest ones is a new thing in crypto in general – namely, all posts on the main EOS subreddit r/EOS are actually stored on the EOS blockchain, for eternity. It is essentially a decentralized forum on EOS blockchain.

How it works?

You can check out the posts that are stored on blockchain on this link. It is an experimental Reddit-style forum built on EOS by the Novusphere Community with the support of EOS CanadaGreymassGenerEOS, and Scatter.

Brief explanation how the bot works:

When you post from Reddit, a bot reads the post and copies into the eos-forum using resources that the developer has staked.

When you post in eos-forum in the corresponding section, you can either post from your own account using scatter or you can post anonymously using the developer’s resources.

Soon you will have the ability to use an anonymous account that has a generated key pair which will enable you to post and hold funds without having an eos account. There is a whole lot of development coming from this project, all dedicated to decentralization, privacy and making eos more accessible to the masses. 


All posts are posted directly on the blockchain and a here is a current list of features, which is not final:


  • Decentralized and fully built on EOS! Can be completely self-hosted, which means censorship resistance!
  • Anonymous, anyone can post in anon subs for free! Even without an EOS account! See the FAQ.
  • On-chain tipping, just follow the examples
  • Create/start whatever sub you want,
  • Interface to use with the EOS Referendum once officially launched
  • Needless to say, platform to discuss referendum proposals on-chain!
  • Hashtags
  • Sort content by popularity (factors in upvotes and time), or by time
  • Upvote content to help filter spam
  • Earn ATMOS from others upvoting your content
  • Earn other tokens from people tipping you!
  • Posts are editable, but all history can be seen as it’s on-chain!
  • Subscribe to subs you like to easily navigate to them

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You can also tip any user with EOS based tokens which is also a neat feature. Considering how cumbersome and arduous is the use Ethereum blockchain and apps that run on it, EOS is definitely a breath of fresh air for the blockchain users. However, the allegations of collusion among block producers and potential for severe censorship, non-fungible coins and many other problems that are inherent to the EOS design is something that will tower above this project for the foreseeable future.


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Philipp Traugott
Philipp Traugott

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