Curve DAO’s Utility Falls Behind This Wildly Successful Crypto AI Project called InQubeta

As a rapidly evolving landscape, cryptocurrency is no stranger to new and innovative projects, with many emerging constantly. Curve DAO is one of the established tokens in the crypto market, but its utility continues to dwindle, making it less appealing.

This led investors to a new and innovative AI project, InQubeta, which offers stronger fundamentals and is currently experiencing immense success.

In this article, we will explore InQubeta and the factors behind its success, as well as the decreasing demand for Curve DAO as its utility falls.

InQubeta (QUBE): A successful AI project with strong fundamentals

InQubeta recently took the crypto market by storm, with various factors playing key roles in its surge to popularity. As a blockchain-based crowdfunding platform for AI startups, InQubeta is a confluence between AI and blockchain. Its uniquely strong fundamentals have seen it witness wild participation in its presale, with over $1.6 million raised so far.

Not many projects can boast InQubeta’s utility, which spans AI and NFTs. As the world’s first crowdfunding platform for AI startups, InQubeta will leverage blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to provide funding for AI projects. This unique innovation has been met with huge enthusiasm in the crypto landscape, with many excited about its imminent adoption.

To achieve its vision, which revolves around AI startups raising funds through its utility token and investors investing in promising AI projects, InQubeta will launch its NFT marketplace.

Through the marketplace, entrepreneurs and developers in the AI niche will be able to mint investment opportunities in their startups and offer them as NFTs. These tokenized investments in AI startups will be listed as equity-based NFTs on the marketplace, which investors can browse and choose from.

By investing in AI startups through the purchase of NFTs, startups will receive funds for their projects, while investors will own stakes in profitable AI startups. Investors will be able to fractionally invest in promising AI startups through fractionalized NFTs, thus making AI investments accessible.

As a deflationary token, InQubeta appeals to investors aiming to hold valuable tokens. InQubeta was designed to constantly experience a decrease in its total token supply of 1.5 billion due to a token burn mechanism. This will have a positive price impact as demand for the token soars and supply decreases.

QUBE is a high-growth token with significant potential. Its price will increase by 4x during the presale and soar even higher after its launch. It can also be staked to earn residual income. Additionally, it is a governance token, which gives QUBE holders voting rights.

With a dedication to transparency and security, a KYC check was undergone by Block Audit, and an audit was conducted by Hacken, which deems it safe. The presale is currently in stage 2 at $0.0098 per token.

Curve DAO Token’s (CRV) narrow focus on stablecoins trading limits its utility

Curve DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization focusing on the creation of a stablecoin exchange platform. As a decentralized exchange for stablecoins, Curve DAO leverages an automated market maker, which allows it to facilitate efficient trades and ensure minimal volatility.

While Curve DAO used to experience significant activity, competition has resulted in less adoption and a decline in its price. Furthermore, the narrow focus of Curve DAO on stablecoin trading has put a limit on its utility.


While Curve DAO and InQubeta present different solutions to the crypto landscape, the latter appeals more to the crypto community while the former’s utility wanes. InQubeta has piqued interest as its presale is on a surge, with investors accumulating the token due to its strong fundamentals and promises of satisfying gains. We are confident in the project and suggest checking it out via the link below.

Visit InQubeta Presale | Join The InQubeta Communities

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