Crypto’s New Shiba Inu Killer Skyrockets +60% Ahead of CoinMarketCap Listing

Ahead of the much-awaited listing of the Ethereum-based $GOLDEN token, by the “Shiba Inu Killer” aka Golden Inu, the performance of currency has been nothing short of astounding, surging an impressive 60% in recent trading sessions.

This recent rally has propelled ERC-20 $GOLDEN to achieve a remarkable milestone, hitting an All-Time High (ATH) of $0.000000000907. This meteoric rise is undoubtedly catching the attention of investors and enthusiasts alike, especially because the token is only on one decentralized crypto exchange thus far — Uniswap.

Traders appear to be joining in anticipation in hopes of significant returns once the currency enters the two most well-known listing platforms in the world.

As the crypto community eagerly awaits the imminent listings on renowned platform, CoinMarketCapo, the ERC-20 version of $GOLDEN finds itself on the brink of a potentially transformative phase of growth, eagerly poised to capitalize on the increased visibility and trading activity that these listings can bring.

Building on Past Triumphs

Back in February, the Golden Inu project rewarded its holders with significant returns once.   Investors of the tokens behind the Shiba Inu Killer’s ecosystem  and its first of two tokens, the BEP-20 version of $GOLDEN, gained over 750% in value after entering CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.

This price movement gives us a glimpse into the untapped potential that might be in store for ERC-20 $GOLDEN post these upcoming listings.

Since then, the Binance-chain-based version of $GOLDEN has been trading favorably for the vast majority of the year. Since June, the asset gained over 2000% in value, with a near 100% growth in the past 7 days alone.

Many anticipate that once the Ethereum Blockchain $GOLDEN enters the same platforms, the currency will experience a significant surge in activity and liquidity, allowing investors to reap serious rewards in return.

The Countdown Begins

Those looking to jump ship should do so as soon as possible. The project’s developers expect the asset to enter both platforms this week, from August 7th to 12th;

As the countdown to the CoinMarketCap listing draws nearer, the anticipation and excitement within the crypto community are palpable. These listings are expected to serve as a catalyst for heightened trading interest and enhanced visibility, potentially propelling ERC-20 $GOLDEN into a new realm of value appreciation.

The remarkable 60% surge observed in ERC-20 $GOLDEN serves as a resounding testament to the traction that the currency has been gaining over the course of the month.

With its sights firmly set on the upcoming listings and a history of substantial gains, ERC-20 $GOLDEN stands resolute in asserting itself as a cryptocurrency with significant promise within the digital landscape.

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