Crypto Rewards Platform Ethernal Launches Sale on PancakeSwap

Ethernal, the first community-driven DeFi token to generate rewards in the form of any major cryptocurrency, launched its token sale on PancakeSwap. For the first time, DeFi staking and other rewards can be made available in the user’s choice of crypto (BTC, ETH, SHIB, other BEP-20 tokens) thanks to Ethernal’s innovative smart contract design. ETHFIN tokens, the utility and staking token for Ethernal, can be purchased using any number of BEP-20tokens on the DeFi launch platform Pancakeswap, and is expected to be available on various central exchanges in the near future as part of the project’s roadmap.

While the initial goal of Ethernal is to provide passive income to its holders, the project aims to expand into a complete ecosystem, with plans to introduce several features soon. The project plans to incorporate feedback from the community throughout its development and has established a thorough outline for how to approach issues of reward distribution, safety of liquidity, and future governance.

Expansion of Reflection Rewards

The Ethernal project seeks to build upon tokens using the “reflection” system of rewards, where users get rewarded a slice of all transaction fees by holding the token. Ethernal set about accomplishing this by developing an innovative smart contract functionality which, for the first time, allows users to claim rewards in any major cryptocurrency of their choosing. To assure continuous utilization, rewards, and valuation, the team aims to launch new functionalities and marketing efforts with regularity.

Some examples of upcoming features to be launched by Ethernal include governance mechanisms that will enable users to have a say in the project decisions, a cross-chain NFT marketplace where users can buy, sell, mint, and showcase their NFTs, and a fully-fledged DEX with yield farming options. All features will be connected via the Ethernal token, creating previously unexplored revenue streams for token holders and platform participants.

About Ethernal

Ethernal is a community-driven decentralized finance (DeFi) token designed from the ground up on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It offers an innovative reflections functionality and a focus on continuous, sustainable growth. The Ethernal project was officially launched on October 25th by a team based in New York and Florida (with contributors in Prague, Lisbon, New Delhi, among other places). Project developers have many years of combined experience in the blockchain environment and some of the largest IT companies in the world.

The team behind the project aspires foremost to create an improved rewards ecosystem, combining the best parts of popular cryptocurrencies while creating a new and unique form of value.

About the Token Sale

To participate in the initial sale of ETHFIN, the utility and staking token of the Ethernal ecosystem, simply visit the token sale page at PancakeSwap. To learn more about the specifics of Ethernal, the ETHFIN token sale or to read the project’s white paper, please visit their website. For the latest updates on Ethernal, follow them on Twitter or join the community on Telegram.

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Sarah Wurfel

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