Crypto Rallies Heat Up – 9 Pitfalls to Sidestep for Maximum Profits Trading Bitcoin (BTC), Meme Coins, RWA Tokens, Others

As Bitcoin starts its ascent to break new all-time highs, other sectors like AI, meme coins, and real-world assets are also gearing up for major moves. With rallies picking up steam, crypto trader @leshka_eth shares 9 hard-learned lessons to avoid costly mistakes and stay profitable.

“On the previous bull run, I turned $200 into $80,000. Then I lost almost everything by making too many mistakes,” they said. “Here are 9 tips I wish I knew in 2021 to help you skip the painful part and get a jackpot this time around.”

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  1. Have a plan and estimate risk/reward before aping into any potential 1000x play.
  2. Don’t chase made-up trends that could be fleeting. Find a niche you like and stick to it.
  3. Don’t blindly ape into pumps. Though hype beats fundamentals in bull markets, still analyze for red flags.
  4. Take some profits instead of endlessly chasing higher returns until it’s too late.
  5. Put some winnings into stables to buy dips – a “cheat code” in bull markets.
  6. Don’t try to short hype plays and swim against an irrational bull tide.
  7. Don’t overthink it. Shed the high IQ mindset and look at mass appeal projects.
  8. Don’t quit when challenges arise – grind hard now after persisting through the bear.
  9. Avoid the urge to splurge winnings on useless things before it’s truly life-changing money.

With clear lessons from dearly bought experience, @leshka_eth’s guidance could help prevent many investors from repeating the same mistakes this cycle. Staying disciplined while capitalizing on opportunities is key.

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