Crypto Insights: Uncovering the 3 Best Crypto to Buy Now for Portfolio Growth

In the wild West of crypto news and investing, investors are always on the hunt for the next big thing that can supercharge their portfolio gains soon after buying. 

Right now, there’s a trio of cryptocurrencies generating major hype and speculation that they could be among the best coins to buy for massive profits. 

First up, BEFE Coin

Among all the options out in the news, one quirky coin is turning heads: BEFE Coin. This “meme coin” is anything but your typical joke cryptocurrency to buy.

Unlike most meme crypto coins that are pump-and-dump schemes, BEFE was launched directly to the public with no shady pre-sales. But BEFE is more than just hype news – it’s a useful coin to buy with real-world applications, currently priced at $0.0004282.

Here’s the coolest part of the news: BEFE connects directly to the Bitgert blockchain. By buying and staking their Bitgert coins, fans can earn rewards in the form of new BEFE tokens. It’s a win-win buy that drives up the value of both coins—great news for investors.

Speaking of Bitgert…

The BRISE token itself is one of the most promising crypto coins to buy right now, based on recent news. This innovative crypto platform just rolled out its BRC20 blockchain, which clocks 100,000 transactions per second and charges zero fees. They’ve got an entire ecosystem too – exchange, wallets, and DeFi apps!

Bitgert incorporated some slick features to make BRISE deflationary over time – very positive crypto news. A cut of every transaction goes into a special buyback pool to gobble up tokens from the market. Another piece of news: it’s getting listed on Binance soon! Convincing news for any crypto investor looking to buy BRISE at a discount of $0.000000248.

The Promising New DEX on the Block

Last but not least in our crypto news roundup, there’s Centcex. More competition is great news for DEX users who want lower fees and better apps to buy and trade crypto.

Sure, the Centcex team keeping their identities under wraps raises an eyebrow. But their tech leveraging Bitgert gives them a solid foundation to build on. 

Small Coins, Huge Potential

Of course, do your research before buying any coins based on this news. But for crypto enthusiasts looking to buy in early on the next potential household names, BEFE, Bitgert, and Centcex are three promising crypto coins that you’ll want to look at in the updated news for your next buy.


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