Crypto Insiders Expect Pullix (PLX) to Outpace Near Protocol (NEAR) and Chainlink (LINK) By 2025

Investors who never had luck in crypto investments can thrive now. The new Pullix Exchange changes everything. Despite being in presale, it surpasses Near Protocol (NEAR) And Chainlink (LINK).

In less than two weeks, its price will boost again. Experts believe the prices will reach unbelievable levels in 2024.

So, ensure checking out the token today.

NEAR Protocol (NEAR) Experiences a Surge in Transaction And Price Up to $2.32

NEAR Protocol (NEAR) users have been in a happy mood recently. The reason is the token price’s uptrend since the beginning of December. Experts say a price surge happened as NEAR Protocol (NEAR) surpassed 1.84 million transactions.

Moreover, this number is 12x higher than its value at press time.

But how did all of this happen?

It’s a question that many NEAR Protocol (NEAR) investors wondered about. Thus, some enthusiasts did research, and found the answer. The findings suggest NEAR Protocol’s (NEAR) latest Layer-one (L1) blockchain launch caused the surge.

The NEAR Protocol (NEAR) token is currently trading at $2.32, a 12.7% rise within a day. However, the NEAR Protocol price prediction indicates a drop to $2.29.

Chainlink Price Drops Over 0.10% Influenced By Crypto-staking Program

Seems like Chainlink (LINK) developers are ready to take staking to the next level. Recently, its crypto-staking program pulled Chainlink (LINK) tokens worth more than $632 million.

Moreover, total tokens reached the limit within 6 hours of their early-access period. It wasn’t shocking as the platform gained 32.8 million worth of Chainlink (LINK) within 30 minutes. Hence, such outstanding performance was inevitable.

The developers gave the program a catchy name: Staking v0.2. This Chainlink (LINK) volume 2 introduces multiple new security features. All these should boost the Chainlink price to heights. But the token is still struggling. Currently, Chainlink (LINK) trades at $14.41, a 0.75% drop within a day. Further, price predictions say Chainlink (LINK) may reach $15.60 by next year.

Pullix Exchange Introduces the Best Inclusive Trading Platform

Pullix Exchange is emerging as a much-needed trading platform. By 2028, around 992.50 million crypto users may emerge. Thus, Pullix already has a vast target user base.

It lets users trade cryptocurrencies and global assets in a unified place. Additionally, it bridges the gap between digital, and traditional trade. One can exchange goods, stocks, digital assets, etc, boosting liquidity. Moreover, users can access decentralized services too. These include the power to approve or disapprove assets, and development proposals.

Furthermore, you can also use cryptocurrencies as security for trading in over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives. Users don’t need to do the KYC process, unlike many other platforms. Thus, it makes sign-up easier than ever.

Additionally, PLX could become one of the best DeFi coins in the market. The coin gives access to “Trade-to-Earn.” Users can use it to buy, sell, and swap different assets. Further, it lets users earn passive income. All they need to do is stake the token.

Pullix Exchange has qualities that can pull all kinds of investors. At press time, the token is available only at $0.042. Experts say it can rise 100 times higher within a few months. So, make the best of this opportunity, and receive maximum returns.


Pullix performs much better than Chainlink and Near Protocol price predictions. The best part is that it doesn’t hold investors to focus on limited markets. Thus, the new platform is a must for consideration in 2024 investments.

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