Crypto Expert El Crypto Prof Bullish on Altcoins, Foresees Upsurge for ARB, SOL and Meme Moguls (MGLS)

El Crypto Prof, a popular crypto analyst is deeply bullish on altcoins as he expressed on X a few hours ago that altcoins have seen a similar trajectory in 2020, which preceded a substantial rise in the value of altcoin. In another tweet he particularly highlighted Arbitrum and talked about its potential rise. Meanwhile, Solana and Meme Moguls are also gearing to lead this current altcoin wave becoming the best cryptos to invest in.

Arbitrum (ARB) is Bound to See Strong Green Candles According to Popular Crypto Expert

In one of his recent tweets, El Crypto Prof experienced a good amount of enthusiasm on Arbitrium, claiming that Arbitrum is going to experience a positive price movement as its season is here. One of the factors driving his enthusiasm is how Arbitrum has recently surpassed its ATH.

Arbitrum token has also seen a major price uptick in 2023, as it rose over 158.20% from it’s all-time low which happened 4 months ago. At the moment, Arbitrum has gained 6.64% in value after racking a 26.25% increase in the last 7 days.

Overall, Arbitrum token is going bullish, looking at how it has been faring over the past month. Follow Arbitrum prediction by El Crypto Prof, Arbitrum has will potential recorded another upscale surpassing its previous month gain of 82.41%

Solana (SOL) Will Become More Popular With a Market Cap Rivaling ETH’s in 2025

The Solana network gained more popularity last year as SOL made a major price move totaling its gain to almost 659%. However, Solana is even poised to become even more popular in 2024 and in the near future.

Asides the fast transaction rate and seamless user experience Solana has, which can greatly further its growth, Solana network also has other alt coins like BONK, Myro and Catcoin that may potentially raise the price of Solana as they see gains.

While Solana might be facing a week-long underperformance, the coin is still presumed to grow exponentially. Solana is currently trading at the range of $100- $105, with the potential to increase before Bitcoin halving.

Meme Moguls (MGLS) Price Will Increase Significantly As it Approaches Launch Date

Meme Moguls may become the next meme coin gem with the potential to become the next best coin to invest in. Investors and traders are already catching on to Meme Moguls’ attractive P2E project as they have commenced the stage 4 of its ongoing token presale, selling out fast at a modest price of $0.0027.

At the core of Meme Moguls is an interactive game that goes beyond entertainment – it’s a practical tool for learning investment strategies. Engage in simulated trading, conquer challenges, and acquire leading crypto coins like Dogecoin and Pepe while gaining valuable insights into wealth-building.

Meme Moguls versatile token, $MGLS, acts as both an in-game currency and governance token. Unlike traditional meme coins, this dual functionality enhances its utility, making it a top choice for crypto enthusiasts seeking the best coin to invest in.

As you ascend to the status of a “mogul,” the potential for passive income emerges. You can monetize your trading prowess and earn a share of the cash prize pool featured on the wealth leaderboard. This pool is funded by a percentage of daily revenues from the project, creating an enticing opportunity for those looking to leverage their investment expertise.

For more information about the Meme Moguls (MGLS) presale follow the link below:



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